The process of learning to tell a narrative

3년 전


To be a better writer I must expand my skills. I realized I’m not very good at telling a narrative and have made some attempts to learn it within a non-fiction context.
I succeeded but only a paragraph at a time. Each paragraph wasn’t connected in the way I hoped.
To learn to tell a narrative in a way that might satisfy me I’m delving headfirst into fiction. Thankfully I’ve never lacked for imagination and my years playing various RPG’s that required character backgrounds have set me up for at least some success.
I will be using Grammarly to cover spelling and basic grammar, my grammar skills are top-notch but I don’t want to expend more energy in that direction than I need to.
The basic outline and a rough timeline are laid out, main characters have been set, and the history has been sketched.

A natural health-themed post will still go up on Sundays with the story chapters going up whenever I please.
I’m not sure of my skill in telling the story but I can tell you it won’t lack for interest, depth, or detail.
If you have genuine feedback on any chapter I am open to it since this is an exercise to improve my skills. No feedback would mean no improvement.

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