Weekend Freewrite - 1/25/2020




This is my entry to the weekend freewrite. Weekend Freewrite - 1/25/2020 - Part 1 - The First Sentence. For these weekend freewrites, @mariannewest gives us three prompts and we write for five minutes each prompt. After you finish writing each of the prompts, you will have a complete story.

I have missed doing these. I knew the next story would be about cloning, but I didn't know where it was going until the end. I like it. I hope you do too!


Aimee was fascinated with her own shadow. She kept looking at it, scratching it... wondering if it felt the same way she did. But it didn't say a word. There was no indication that her shadow was even there except the darkness that it was.

She often thought she wanted a companion. The latest faze was duplication and Aimee had been thinking of cloning herself. She wondered if her clone would follow her around like her shadow, or leave when the fun was over.

She watched as the people on the streets walked with their cloned companions; talking to them as if they were real. But they were only as real as her shadow and no one knew what would happened to these clones over time.

They were wired with the same feelings as humans and sometime Aimee didn't have happy thoughts. Was there really a need for doubling such misery?

She couldn't stop thinking about cloning herself. She wanted more than a shadow that followed her around. She wanted someone she could confide in; someone who could keep a secret as well as she could.


When a sorcerer moves to attack, you can defeat him easily with his own power. Aimee remembered those words from her favorite movie. What better way to defeat the demons in her head then to use her own power of positivity against herself.

Her mind was set and she made an appointment at the Champion Companion Cloning company for later that afternoon.

Her clone greeted her as she walked into the companion room. Polite and well behaved, everything her mama raised her to be. But Aimee knew the dark thoughts that lingered underneath and she was tempted to bring them to the surface just to be sure this really was her clone.

Instead she smiled and shook her hand. She had the same hair, the same eyes. Aimee couldn't believe the similarities between she and her new clone she named Melee.

They made small talk on the way to the subway and before she knew it, she and Melee became fast friends.


A raised eyebrow was the first indication that Aimee's clone had her own thoughts. She joked about someone and it was apparent Melee didn't approve of the criticism. Aimee laughed and changed the subject, but she couldn't forget that look of disapproval on Melee's face.

Was she and her clone really the same in every way like the commercial says?

Later that week Aimee noticed that her car keys had been moved. She always kept them in the third drawer from the bottom of her mother's cabinet, but on this day she found them hanging on the key hook. "Did you move my car keys?" Aimee asked Melee before she hurried off to work.

"I moved the car because the neighbor was cutting the grass. I didn't want him to hit it with a rock or something."

"Well, don't move my car again. I can move it myself. Will you be staying home again today?"

"I want to finish the book I have been reading."

Aimee's eyes widened when she read the cover of the book, "How to Kill Your Human".

"Drive safe Aimee."

The End









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Love the ending!! So glad that you stopped by to write with us!!


Thanks~ I have been missing everyone!

I miss seeing your beautiful face @simgirl, I hope you're doing well. 🙏


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Thanks @wonderwop been missing everyone on Steem! I am doing well thanks and hope all is well for you too.

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