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The Mind Flayer

Richard sat typing in his laboratory in the basement, he stared at one of the countless screens on his wall, he was sweating a little as all those servers his AI resided on emitted quite a lot of heat, and also noise. He was close to finishing his life’s work. Self-replicating nanobots that upon entering the host, and its nervous system, would have nearly complete control over the individual. The bots were already loaded into drones ready for deployment, what Richard was preoccupied with was making the finishing touches to the communication software between his AI and the swarm of bots. He wiped his forehead, and hit the key combination for saving the file just after he typed up the last line of his code. He proceeded to link up the bots and his AI as their command and control server. Soon he would have his revenge on the cities population for making fun of him all these years, for all the hurtful remarks. Once again he could walk the streets without fear, he would be their lord and master… and the best thing was that it would only take a few days for the seeding swarm to reach complete saturation.

“Execute Project Illithid” Richard’s voice trembled with excitement as he reclined in his chair folding his arms.

A low, monotone and soulless machine voice resounded from the speakers.
“Once executed, the program can not be terminated. Please Confirm.”

by soma.unony who liked to play D&D but sadly it's not much fun alone, as surely Richard found out too

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