5 Minute Freewrite: baby acne

6개월 전

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Baby acne.

Baby acen.

Baby nace.

Baby eanc.

Baby neac.

Baby cane.

"Want a baby cane?" Cheryl swooshed up to me and bumped shoulders and held out one of those mini candy canes in a plastic pocket. She was wearing a floor length skirt with a lot a lot of folds in the fabric. I'd seen her spin in the skirt once and she needed a 12 foot radius to do it freely. Or it seemed like it, anyway. She pushed the mini candy cane in my face and I shook my head a little.

We walked on in silence. She was a good friend. The best of friends. It had been a shitty day. I was late, so I was noticed, and then everything just felt bad all day.

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I love those kinds of full skirts! Yummy baby canes, too.

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The places baby acne can take you LOL