The Bricks and Drinks and Stars that go into Building Bodies


A Critical Premise.

1am; Somewhere.

The Wombat spoke to Rukami, seated at the bar, slouched over a beer.

It is not so very urgent that you know our Shape is Cosmic – not terrestrial.
Nothing is very urgent anymore. Those days of urgency are over. We are fixed now and have to like it as it is. There is no changing it. Only working with what you have and what is.
When was there ever a time we changed anything according to the Prophecies? We never believed a single thing enough for it to make matter matter less; and still we are here; remade a fifth time, a seventh time, who is counting anymore? Numbers are for constructional stages, elements and coordinates around the corner stone the only place that is nowhere until you found yourself standing somewhere: does that make it anywhere now?

Rukami glared up at the Wombat through watery slits for eyes. Was he fully soused?

We are not that Earthy; so not that locked up in our genes as the Scientist would like us to be.
(Why does he, actually…?)

(...How did Rukami know?...)

As stew is not carrot nor beef alone, Man is not his brain alone. As icecream is not vanilla or milk alone, nor is man what operates his character and style. Icecream is also that which is made to be enjoyed and so its sugar, cream and flavouring conspire to demonstrate what is sympathetic to the human taste. The mixer mixes but the sugar was before the mixer existed: who now is making recipes possible?

Rukami remembered he found vanilla the most boring flavour ever. He was a Honey Pistachio or Chocolate Chip Mint guy.

It is only Karma.
It is not so very interesting to debate what makes dense and how to enlighten this again.

Rukami wasn't planning to debate a single thing. He might decide on another Bud, perhaps.

Many find it more rewarding to tramp off to war. Oh, wait, don’t bother, we can fly a drone instead and spare the soles of our boots.

The Wombat paused and gulped down the remainder of his flat beer. Rukami told him being ironic was the only way to stay sane. Go for it! Did he have anymore gummi saving brain-waves?

We inherit our busy days from our mothers and fathers and their gods and godesses the names they teach us when we learn to talk as if we have nothing of our own making to say.

The Golden Mean isn’t going anywhere, so why hurry and stumble and fall and hurt yourself some more to get to the divinity of what you are. Beautify yourself with dye and varnish, make your giant steps slow, why rush when fire, air, water and earth are already set in metal, mineral and sacred geometry. It will still be here where you turn around to see how far you’ve come: another day done, only a few more years to go.

The Wombat fell silent and gestured to Jim to uncap another couple of beers. The barman checked the clock; Ok, one last one, before he'd call time. Rukami hoped they'd get to down this one in continued silence, but the Wombat recommenced his train of though with greater animation still.

Take it easy. Do your thing. As you like it. Bear your breast, I command myself to take the pen and mark the spot where you may carve your jagged knife into my flesh. Draw your tarrying out in my blood; measure how long I can bleed for your trifling. You pay by the bottle. Would you get more for your money’s worth if my blood were thinned or clotted? I don’t know. Does stardust coagulate once it has been swirled around the body?

Why would I think of Ymir and want to speak of Ginnungagap, the Void, to you here, if not because I trust we are gathered here as sons of Buri, once upon a time, licked into the shape of a man by Audumla and we all know it. Why else would we be gathered? What else matters?

Alright, gents, time! Jim called. Be off with you, now. You two can discuss the end of the world on the last bus home some more if you like but I've had my fill for tonight.
Rukami oggled the barkeeper sourly, who was discussing here? He needed a better drinking buddy. Okay, one doesn't get to choose when one is down on one's luck and is not going to have anything in common with anyone but an interest in beer....

Slumping off to the exit, the two barflies bumped into a stool, a coatstand and eachother before reaching the door. The Wombat finishing his thoughts as they went.

We are wealthy. We are prosperous. We are bankers of our own worth. Not your weight in chromosones but independent thinking shall set you free from your prison of cells.

It probably won’t make a difference to your day at all, but have you had an original thought today?
Have I? Yes, I have. Ask Lang-Lang or Otto or Flo. Or the walls for that matter, with their funny ears I am ever grateful for.

Rukami opened the door and wanted to step through it but paused before he did to ask: "What was that critical premise you wanted to tell me about?"
"When?" The Wombat frowned his brows over his bleary eyes.
"When you sat down earlier," Rukami gruffed irritated. Had he been listening all night for nothing?
The Wombat slipped surprisingly nimbly through the door Rukami was holding open, and the cool, damp night air slapped him around the cheeks refreshing his memory: "Oh, yeah. That we are the gods but only our bodies know it."
"So, how come you remember it?" Rukami was unimpressed.
"I measured every drop of my blood."
"How did you do that?" Rukami muttered, though he couldn't care less and groaned to see they were too late for the last bus.
"I sat on the top of a step ladder and ran a tube down into a tank at the foot of it and siphoned it out."
"How many drops then?" Rukami pushed his companion an armslength away to prevent being jostled again.
Rukami sighed and belched at the same time. "That's the bugatti you are working on."
The Wombat raised his brows quizzically. "Is it?"
"You know it is."
The Wombat shook his head in disbelief.
"Fancy the coincidence in that."

Photo of LEGO Bugatti Chiron (42083).
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I want to get the set next...It's pretty costly though. :(


Smile. Was hoping I'd pull you in with the closing line/pic somehow!
Thanks for managing tio drop by despite the gruelling week at the office (may it go towards the Bugatti if anything is left after taxes, debts, and more taxes)!


That Lego Chiron is costly...Might have to save up for a while. 😄 Have a good weekend.

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I had to look up Bugatti.
A soothing tale.


I looked up the real deal and decided I'll have one.


Yes, me too :) That looks like it would safely carry and speed one through any kind of problem :)


It's good for running away from problems.

If you want to overcome your problems, I suggest this one:


Yes, definitely, all roads are not smooth and one might need clearance for big rocks.
I did run over a rock and rip and hole in my gas tank a bit over a year ago. It was a schist stone I believe, volcanic and the same color of the road, hence only seeing it at the last moment. Very strange for it to have been in the middle of the road.
Problem today is that I'm still operating on Windows 7 and getting all of the warnings. Do I take them seriously? I don't like buying new when the one I've got seems to be working just fine. Going to do a backup today.


About 20 years ago, the road to the village we go was gravel, and that thing happened to us few times.

What programs do you use on windows 7?
Migrating to Linux (Ubuntu) could be a good option if you don't use paid programs. (It even has free programs that can do what some paid windows-based programs do.)
For simple tasks it not really hard to get use to it.

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Yes, seems many are suggesting Linux...
And, I'm pretty much simple tasks when it comes to computers.


I'm not a fan of these cars (I mean, I won't reject it if it comes as a gift, but I'll never buy one). They're not practical and the initial and maintenance costs are way too high. It just looks good, it can't even go over a bump with all that power.
Get me this please:

or this:

They're old as me, so I can understand them better.

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

I guess the only original though I had were those comments on this post.


I don't understand who supdork is, but no matter...
My own car is probably your age as well and I think more durable and reliable than newer models. Definitely cheaper to buy and no payment or high insurance to go with it.
But, if I were to buy, or be gifted a car of my own age, it'd be a muscle car like this one. Now, you know my age!

In 9th grade a 12th grader used to pull over the curb and ask if I'd like a ride the rest of the way to school and this is what he drove! Yes, I think the teacher's were scared :)

Video Credit: Flemings Ultimate Garage/youtube


Checking with the Boss to see if the Camaro is as great a deal as it sounds. Then we're breaking a piggy bank if we have to. We can do with some wow-factor right? Thank god for the upgraded sound system which we may or may not hide in the glovecompartment yet for surprise killer tunes (added wow factor I'm thinking - so I guess we want to be making all that noise engine wise too?...). I've lost track of what car he hasn't owned: so it wouldn't surprise me if he had this one or Sina's dream Mustang or both, maybe even at the same time in his Florida Rota Baton days practically sharing digs with Duran Duran and Ivan Lendl.

You guys..... with your dreams on wheels...
The Firebird... well, dear, that is going to take us in a WHOLE other direction since many things happened around the one in Memento and the days after the viewing of asaid movie....

The Boss is also Linux expert. So if you ever decide to make the leap (I was there way before he was, but quit because you need an expert at hand if you want to remain integrated with the rest of the world and good luck finding one).

He is also crazy about Toyota, so Sina seems to have a good gut for a good drive too.


Another movie and much to consider when leaving dust clouds in cars so fast they seem to have wings. Here we all go rising from the ashes~


That is a nice (I know, it's more than just nice) car. I would definitely take it as a gift. Personally I prefer Ford (Mustang fastback 69) but it's about old muscle cars, not the brands.

Interesting story...

Scared and jealous I guess.

Oh, I fast forwarded the video to hear the engine running idle, but he didn't turn it on, I was then disappointed. lol


Me too! On being disappointed that he didn't start the engine :P
Here is one with sound. I just liked the black and white because that's the same as the one I was picked up in.

Video credit: Jamboolio/youtube


And, this is the car I actually owned as a young, pregnant and married! Ours was blue and a 455 it was so fast I'd spit gravel pulling out of our four-plex apartment building :) Somewhere there is a pic of me holding my first son in front of it.

Video Credit: American Dream Machines/youtube.