Freedom - A five minute freewrite

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Where do you believe true freedom lies?

On a piece of paper issued by the government telling you what you can and cannot do?

In the lack of your parents’ orders, prohibiting you eat candy, curse, and not tidy your room?

In the absence of work; in eternal vacation?

Do you believe true freedom is given, or achieved?

Does it suffice to be told you are free, or must you earn your freedom?

Do you believe we are all inherently free, only impose rules on our own selves?

Do you speak your mind, free of other people’s expectations? And your own?

Would you be willing to admit you do not act in accordance with yourself only to please another? Or do you value your freedom enough to go dance out in the rain and live out your secret-most dreams regardless of what your neighbors think of you?

I believe that true freedom is, and always will be, your own choice.

One you can choose to accept, or ignore, every second of your life.

The prompt was:


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Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Is this your own interpretation for your own prompt? I forgot how these were working.

Apart from that, to me freedom is knowing yourself.


I kinda just went with the train of thought, didn't think much about it.
The idea that stuck out to me was in the sense that we only limit ourselves as much as we "want" to, or as much as we "agree" to being restrained, so in essence, I agree with your meaning of freedom.
What I most wanted to convey here was that we could be completely free of all external chains, and yet still we would succumb to the chains of our own minds. We think twice before we say something just because we're afraid of the response we'll get, we don't do things we would want to do because we're afraid what other people would think, we don't live out our dreams because it's easier to tell ourselves it's forbidden than it is to naively follow them.
But, given only five minutes time, I believe I did a poor job at it. Though let's face it. That's just a lame excuse.

Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate the comment and your opinion! ^.^