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Your journey on Steem has been impressive, so far. I enjoyed reading this post from the details of your shyness (Which I shared with you, even though, I'm a male, but more or less have same expertise in shyness (LOL) and marketing) to nsfw content.

Please accept my well wishes for the success of all of your plans in 2020.

Have a nice day.

(One more thing, I hope, I haven't annoyed you, that was never my intention because I don't want to be killed)


Thank you! One of the things I'm proud of is that everything I've achieved on the blockchains has been without spending any FIAT. I figure that I'm proof that it can be done on hard work alone. :-)

I'm certain that at least as many men as women suffer from shyness. I know my next younger brother struggles with it. My eldest (male) cousin as well. We make up some of the gentle people out there - and sometimes struggle the most as a result.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


I agree, dedication and hard work can make many things possible. I am glad to come to know about your blog, you're definitely an example for many Steem newbies and bloggers/writers.


Thanks so much. I was reading on @kaelci's blog that she'd heard some very discouraging things about fiction on Steem... Hopefully, I'm able to dispel some of that, anyway.

Happy anniversary! I hope 2020 is the year we all start making money on Steemit! Ha ha.


Agreed and thanks!

Glad you are with us! 😃



Thank you so much!

I'm usually a silent lurker, but just wanted to say:

But then, I'm not doing much to market myself... As I said, that's something that's extremely difficult for me to do.

I am exactly the same way. I know your pain.

Happy Steemiversary, and Merry Christmas. :)


Thanks very much. I think it's very difficult to market oneself.
Merry Christmas to you too.

I can relate on the part where you started blogging on other platforms because,I did started the same way.

But what happened to me is that, I got introduced in steemit!Short story: i am now happily making my posts here!


I'm glad you're here now. You're never alone. ;-)
Thanks for stopping by!

I can relate to so many things here :)
Something special about Steem eh?

Happy 2nd Steemiversary and a fabulous New Year 💗


Yes, there really is something special about Steem and all the people that inhabit this space.

Thanks for stopping by.


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