Letter to no one

2년 전


I keep dreaming of the moment we'll meet. These illusions are born from memories I still don't have. Its ethereal essence doesn't scare me, though; they tend to be more pleasant than reality. So, yes, I keep dreaming of the moment we'll meet.

I continue to picture in my head the day you'll come visit me because, just like we would have discussed, it's easier that way. I would pick you up on the airport of a city neither of us belongs to. We would take a cab to my place, where you would be staying for a while, as I'm such an enthusiastic hostess. On the ride home, you would get caught in my permanent smile, and I would get caught in yours. We would surely get lost in each other's eyes.

By the apartment, you would laugh at how proud I am of it, flickering through rooms, trying to show you everything at once. You would ask me to sit down right next to you. In doing so, my heartbeat would find a way to speed up and pace down at the same time. Your voice would soothe me. I would tell you how important it is to me that you're alive, and well. My fingertips would find the path to your dimples, and my hands would caress your hair, as I often have imagined.

I know I shouldn't be writing this down. I'm sorry. It's just that there's a corner of my mind where I'm not afraid of what you, or anyone, might think of me. There, it's not stupid to fantasize, since you could also feel the inexplicable bond between us. Sometimes I like to wander on that space, but reality always hits. I know it could be nothing like that; it could be the opposite, and the thought frightens me because I'm already vulnerable, I've exposed myself. May this text never reach your gaze, if I'm so terribly mistaken. Whatever scenario I end up in, nightmare or pure bliss, words are all I have left.

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Wow Zoe, your words are amazing! Even in such a short writing, you managed to convey so much emotions and feelings, and the words are just tumbling nicely one after another.
You should write more and nurture your great gift :).


Thank you for such sweet words! It felt right to keep it short, but strong as a lightning stroke. I'll write more, I promise :)


I agree! You have a gift!

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All the feels, Zoe. ALL. THE FEELS.

Such a beautiful piece <3


I know, right?! I had lots of feels to let go of in the form of words. Thank you for your lovely comment <3 (I've missed you guys @scrawly & @veryspider!)

Full of emotions and desire.. it's actually a short text but there is so much said anyway. I think there are many people who dream of that moment when they'll meet that person. You fantasize every single second of that occurrence. It makes you feel good..

I do hope that such things will happen and that people will find their soul mates who they've been dreaming of for so long..

Thank you for sharing! It was my pleasure to read! :)


I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for your comment :)

Fun fact: I wrote this piece all at once in my head, while laying in my bed at noon, and maybe it was the power of releasing all the emotions but I fell deeply asleep right after. Good thing I still remembered the whole thing when I woke up an hour later haha

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When i read this it feels strangely familiar. So poetical because it’s so genuinely expressing something so heartfelt. So moved by this. Thank you for sharing!

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