Original content: Love of Honeybee towards charming flowers

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#Honeybee lover
Hi Poetry and Shayari lovers
I am posting this in #gems
It's a free-write Shayari in #Hindi in a given picture from one of my Facebook page known as #zubaan.

I would like to share my views on what is the meaning in English so easily understood by different audiences.

Let me start:

I will touch your soul as like honeybee touch the flower bed,
It is essential for a flower bud that honeybee should sit on it to become a charming flower one day.
If you still won't like me or don't understand my deep love towards you to make you glow in all format.
I will die for you in this process at any time whenever you want, please let me know what I can do for you.
But If you really want to kill me.

Kill me please,
when I will be in your arena of fragrance where at least my death and my soul will still touch you.

I may die but I want my soul should merge with you, so one day maybe you understand and accept my deep love.

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