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Really Babe is my Drunk Stories

From a bad relationship and the many years before and after. My Drunk stories have entertained many of my friends and I will now try out as a regular comic blog.

I will try and tell my stories first how I remember things then fill in what I found out later.

The night we met

The night I met the crazy drunk ex was a big night out for me. It was the birthday celebration for two young ladies whom I had hung out with a bit that summer in Northern Michigan. They had invited me out for the night and told me the first bar and time they would be going. I was planning on moving in about a month and they are friends with many mutual friends so their joint birthday party would be a great way to say goodbye.

Emotionally that night I was a bit annoyed and drained. The one lady whom I had pursued that summer had taken me out to bar a week or so before to show me that she was unchained and had another guy close at hand. In mindset was too go out and have a great time see some old friends and see how the night went. This other girl could be seen throughout the night being this town had like 4 bars and not that many people out at night now the tourist season was over.

I Went to the first bar to meet the group. It was a smaller bar with a pool table, foosball table, and darts in a small side room. The group was only my two friends, Jenn and Kristine, and 2 other girls that they usually were around. Both I had hit on that summer and had been quickly blown off by, and usually, they didn't acknowledge my existence so my excitement was minimal. We all had two drinks before going to the next bar for 1 shot and drink then heading to the final bar of the night. At the second bar, we added a young couple, both tall and beautiful, and both whom I had known for years so the group got comfier.

The final bar had a small pizza place vibe downstairs and a weird bar and small dance floor upstairs. I went right upstairs with the two birthday girls. We went to the bar and I ordered 3 shots. As I paid for the drinks I saw the young lady I had been interested in but recently rejected coming up to the bar to say hi. With her was a friend I thought I had seen once but wasn't sure. Her friend came right up to my friend Kristine and gave her a hug and started chatting. I said Hi to my lady friend, took my shot and went to the bathroom. As I walked away I heard the new person ask "who is that he's cute" and I walked away.

Part Two

I blacked out til the next mourning. Literally the last thing I remember was going to the restroom after that shot. I had two days off so I had planned on going downstate to look at houses to move to. I had set a very early alarm and was so drunk I guess I put several alarms on. I of course blew threw the first few alarms with unaccounted reactions. As I became more conscious I noticed someone sleeping next to me. As I readjusted and started waking-up I saw a naked butt and a bar shirt on a female. It was, of course, the one who was friends with both my birthday girl and the girl of rejection.

I asked her if she needed a ride to her car as we went outside quietly. Then noticing I had no vehicle I looked to her confusingly. She asked, "do you not remember we walked home?" I thought deeply and said "No, Feel like walking back to town then to get my car, we can smoke a bowl on way. " She replied "perfect". We chatted about the night before, which was I guess me and her dancing a lot and making out a lot. I told her my plans for day and asked what she was up too. She had day off and no plans, so she joined me for a road trip south and some smoking. For her all that based on a night out drunk dancing. For I had no Idea of the night before and the yet after this short walk I was going to spend all day with her. I felt mildly obligated being We just hooked up.

Only months after and many other people's input did I ever really understand what I did that night. The story was even worse than that. And As we went on our trip my friend who hurt my feelings texted me she was now interested. That was a good laugh as we blazed our road and got to know each other on our first date road trip.

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