Freldo_A platform based on a combination of small and medium enterprises. According to statistics, the share of small businesses in the U.S. gross domestic product is 62%.

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Hello my crypto friends how are you?

Today I'll tell you about a great platform called Freldo.

What is Freldo?

Freldo is the world's largest economy in the United States, based on a combination of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to statistics, the share of small businesses in the gross domestic product of the United States is 62 per cent. As a general rule, these are small businesses that provide services to the public. They range from a few people to several dozen. In addition, many people, inspired by the success of their boss, plan to start their own small businesses in the future. According to research, about 20 percent of the company's employees eventually branch out on their own. This favorable business climate contributes to the fact that every year in the U.S. market there are a large number of new small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for customers. A very similar situation has developed in Canada. Here statistics show that about 3 million small businesses provide half the economic capacity of the entire private sector of the country. In addition, small businesses in Canada produce 27% of gross domestic product.

Freldo Inc., registered in Canada in 2011, is located in Toronto, Ontario. The company has developed a new social network called Freldo.the name was chosen not by chance and is derived from the word Friend. The company's motto is "Trust your friends! 

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that from the beginning it was created as a free public place, where small businesses and their customers, who are close friends and acquaintances, could communicate. At the same time, Freldo has become an example of successful implementation of new technologies in the interest of small and medium-sized enterprise development.


Freldo has to do with trust? 

Looking for a babysitter to take care of the kids while taking your girlfriend on a romantic anniversary evening? 

Find the best through reliable recommendations from your network of friends in Freldo

Using business? 

Share with your friends and earn money! 

Share your favorites and earn money ! Every time someone in your network makes a purchase according to your recommendations, receive a thank you for your sponsorship.

Owner of the company? 

Find new customers here. More friends more potential customers 

Have you ever dreamed of being popular? Of course we can't make you a Hollywood star, but being a Freldo star is possible. If you do dazzling manicures, during a tea party on Sundays when you are asked where you did it is priceless. That's how you get new customers.

Lost business contacts? 

Freldo is here to help? 

Forget the name of that plumber who stops water failure in your bathroom? never trust business cards or address books again! Keep track of all your favorites in Freldo

Use the services that have already benefited your friends and family. 

Do you think your friend Jenny's perfect haircut might be right for you? Don't wait jealously, ask her where she did it! Your friends' recommendations significantly influence your decisions. Find the services you need in Freldo and put that relationship to work for you.

Using business? 

Share with your friends and earn money 

Do you want your service to be the most popular among customers? Acting like serving customers is your first priority and you will be at the top of the Freldo network. 

The Freldo network operates under the motto: "Trust your friends! The goal is to create the most favorable climate for small businesses and ordinary people who use their services around the world. Today, Freldo works effectively in the United States and Canada.


All Freldo users can obtain a financial benefit from the active use of the network. Therefore, for the guest participant, both client and company, the user is guaranteed to receive a free certificate, which is then used when paying for the services of a number of entrepreneurs.. 

Furthermore, in Freldo, it is beneficial to leave objective comments about the work of those small businesses whose services you have already used. If your comments are useful to the participants and with your help a new transaction will be concluded, it is guaranteed that you will receive a remuneration to your reference account.


Customer Problems

Growth in the market poses serious problems for customers, including customer service focused on SMEs.

The possibility of easily finding great business proposals on the Internet. However, it is difficult to find unique products offered by SMEs. In many cases, this departmental service of an online store is not offered at all.

There is not enough presentation material. Services for small businesses are often presented seriously so that potential customers cannot obtain objective information about the quality and characteristics of the product. As a result, the buyer rejected the purchase and converted the search to a large commercial offer.

It is not possible to verify the reliability of customer feedback on the services provided. There are only useful reviews of frequently published Internet resource providers. They often run the business and mislead customers.

Many Internet sites require prepaid, but do not offer any guarantees. Freldo generates very small numbers of customers who fear financial risks. In addition, the global network is full of warnings and stories about daily Web sites that allow fraud and prepaid.



Supply of Token 200 000 000

Pre-ICO, ICO 150 000 000 (75%)

Blockchain Ethereum ERC-20

Decimals 18

Price 1 ETH = 5 000 FRECN

Pre-ICO Start July 16, 2018 to August 16, 2018: 50% discount

Beginning of ICO Phase 1 August 17, 2018 to September 17, 2018

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User: paycoin


Portfolio: 0x25cB9d8a016A89401764333e9E9F168142D548AA

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