Sun, Sail & Sea - Evening out with Friends

9개월 전

Sun, Sail & Sea. When I hear it it brings a smile on my face. Sailing has always been an amazing experience.


Whenever I need peace of mind I just hop onto my sail boat and spend time on water. Away from the hustle & bustle of city, it is where I find peace and tranquility.


One summer day, I planned an evening out on water with my friends. Everyone was excited and up for the adventure. In all it was 30 of us, all thrilled and pumped to sail the magnificent Mumbai Harbor. (India).


We set sail on Seabird sailing boat. These boats are the pride of Mumbai Harbor. They were specially designed and built for Mumbai.


These are unique open sailing yacht which were made of wood back then but now they are made of fiberglass. They are rock solid and extremely seaworthy.


A Seabird sailing boat can take maximum 6 sailors at a time. They are open sailing boats with no fancy gadgets or equipments. They are purely for enjoying the wind, sun & sail.


The youngest we had on board was 5. He had such an amazing time sailing the boat. It just feels soo nice to see a child doing something productive instead of the phone in his/her hand.


We had 5 sailing boats racing with each other, popping some chilled beers and enjoying good music. Everyone was having a blast.


We were lucky that the Wind-Gods were generous enough that evening and we were speeding at 14 knots which is pretty decent for a 24 footer sailing boat.


This outing was very much needed for everyone. We all are going trough some stress & difficult times in our lives. This made a lot of positive change of mindset for many who were present there. Just to see them smile made my day.

I will end this blog with a very beautiful quote by Anthony T.Hincks:-

“When I'm out sailing, I don't wonder what heaven is like because I know.”


Please do let me know if you liked reading about yachts. So that I can post more for you guys in time to come.


Thank you for your valuable time for visiting and reading my post.


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