MILLENNIAL VIEWPOINT #5: Space You Ask? Space I Give, Trust You Lose!

2년 전

Think of yourself as a very good friend to others. You only wish them the best in their lives. You cherish them so much. Trust them so much. Love them so much. Until the time comes that you realize "too much is a bad thing".

It's painful to think that your great friends suddenly turn against you. They then misunderstand you for being who you truly are, up to the point that that finally give up and say "I'm sorry, our friendship's over".

In my case, my friendship with 3 great people in my school has been the best of what I've ever had. But last week, one of them texted me. She asked me on wheter my remarks about their section and their hierarchy in class were true. I denied the allegations, and took a firm stand that I would be a pillock to say those things. Shen went on and did a rousing speech on "me being fed up with them, the reason why I don't have the courage to enter their section". I tell you this. I am not fed up with them. It's just that all those negative events that occured prior to this present altercation really made a big impact on how I looked at them. But it never meant that I got fed up with them because of what happened before.

I really don't understand why our friendship has already gotten to the verge of falling apart. Mainly because of lack of understanding on their part, or maybe because of the continued stance of opinions, in my part. All I know is they requested for some space and I'm giving it to them, if they need to. They didn't practically lose a friend. They only lost my support and my trust on them is nearly wearing off. I only wish them all the best and God's blessings, as before.

Be sorry if you have offended someone, but don't be sorry for what you said, because it's how you felt. You don't say sorry because of how you felt. You say sorry because of the way they felt, and the way you made them feel it.

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