Corona Virus Conspiracies - Take your pick?

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Hey guys, been a while. Sorry for being off so long but am using the lockdown as an opportunity for mental clarity and personal development (not to say that I don't gain from this platform).

So I've a few conspiracies surrounding this pandemic, with accusations and counter accusations. I decided to share them and want you to decide which one might indeed be a possibility.

It is important to state though that am not a firm believer in any conspiracies surrounding the outbreak. This is just for the purpose of discussion and learning interesting insights/ contributions.

Here are a few:

  • A plague started by China to suppress and possibly overthrow the U.S economy
  • Bioweapon to get reduce our aging population
  • Bioweapon to test the Worlds response in the wake of a stronger variant.

There are about two more but those are crazy even by crazy standards. Have you guys also heard any crazy theories surrounding this?

Stay safe everyone, and remember this is not meant to cook up conspiracies from this discourse.

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Judging from the way that China handled the outbreak it was either an accident or it was what the scientists claim: people eating exotic meat.

I tend toward the accident theory. There is a large number of truly arrogant scientists in the world ... scientist who would collect dangerous viruses without adequate precautions.

A more interesting question is: Why was the world response to this outbreak so heavy handed?

I doubt the world will ever know the true cause of the disease. However, the government response to the outbreak is public. That is the thing that we should scrutinize.

I actually enjoy conspiracies theories, not just for entertainment but to think about possibilities that I hadn't thought of. I don't brush them off if it doesn't sound like they pulled it out of their ass. What I don't like is when people insist on theories being fact. It's ok not to know, because there usually is no way of knowing.