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So everyone, this is my first post since I joined steemit in June. It’s about friendship and it’s not a very long article but I hope you all like it and please don’t forget to upvote. XOXO


What is it that makes a true friend? These days we go around calling someone we just meet a FRIEND. I for one think friendship goes way back than what people of the 21st century call it to be. The word FRIENDSHIP is being used loosely. Then I wonder if there can be a connection straight up for one to call another a friend immediately or what is friendship based on.
There is a term in Japanese called ‘KENZOKU’ which means ‘’family’’ literally. This suggests a bond between people who have made a commitment especially similar ones and who, you know, share a similar destiny and this means the presence of the deepest connection of friendship. There are many people in our lives with whom we feel a special bond. There are people in our lives we so much feel comfortable telling our deepest secrets, fear, desire and love to. Even disturbance cannot erase the bond forever. The expression of ourselves just rears its head with these certain people we so much trust. In this century, we call so many people our friends but in the real sense we have few that even know our real names, where we live, what we look like and who we actually are.


Common interests, history, common values, equality or so many other qualities draw people together as friends. Common interests could be having the same job, loving the same foods, loving the same genre of music, loving the same artistes and many other things that can be had in common. Why we think people that have same common interests as us are our friends is because we feel comfortable discussing those interests without being judged or looked down upon. I remember being in primary school and then secondary school with a certain amount of people and this is a history we have shared. I can’t say my school mates are not my friends any more even with the fact that we all ended up in different universities and we grew apart.

A friend and a good one at that will want your happiness before anything. No matter the situation, a good friend will always want you happy
A friend has to have a good influence on you because what’s the essence of a friend if there is no good change in a person. There should be a healthy friendship where growth is allowed.
A true friend won’t let you compromise your principles except it is for the good of humanity….smiles.
Although there are people who fit this category but they still don’t fit into that family zone. it’s all cool because not everyone can be a family. So, don’t beat yourself about it.
Note: to have true friends become a true friend yourself that means be the change you want to see in the world. I know people can be so discouraging but always give a full smile, listen to people because you care not because you want to be the broadcaster of the gist, help, if you can…AND that’s all for now. XOXO…PEACEFULBLISS

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