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In my lifetime, I have made friends
Friends who would stand by you in all circumstances
They act as pillars to strengthen you when your being is shaken
They make you smile and also make you cry
They are ones that make life feel like life.

Then my nearly worst kind of people
They stand by you only when you're standing
They are like egrets, feeding off you
They abandon you when you have nothing to offer

The last and yet the least
The most cunning ones,
Friends who you never believed could hurt you
They use you
Hiding under the blanket of friendship

They are the most decepive
Seeing opportunities to prove their friendship
Change their garment
Using you and even when caught, they feign ignorance
Eventually they end you
Sucking you dry like parasites

Sure you got friends with such characters
One two three or more
Who portray the good the bad and
The ugly

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