Got a visit from my old pal Peter the cat and a new friend, Mr. Amaze-Balls and it made me remember not to be a stranger to my friends.

7개월 전

Hey steemerinos.
I've been busy.
Back in 2016 I had some depressing events going on around me and I quit my job to be where I was needed, then the start of the 2017 bullrun kicked off and I thought I'd be financially set any day, I did the best I could and even started working another job for fall 2017 to try to get more cryptos, I did ok but then 2018 happened and I knew it wasn't time yet,
When summer came around, I went back to the job I quit in 2016 but all the same old B.S. was going on there and I couldn't stand it anymore so I quit again by mid summer.
I needed time to let my mind and body rest and heal.
I knew that cryptos weren't going to save me before my savings ran out and I couldn't stand just sitting around, I decided to grow the balls I needed to do the only thing I know how to do and the only thing I like doing for work, which was the same trade I've been in for 19 years, only this time, on my terms, my way.
I've been working since then to start my own legit company and that's what I've been doing,.
Lately, I've been spending all my computer time, researching and learning and setting up all the things one has to set up to start a business and I've been neglecting things I enjoyed doing like keeping up with all of you on Steemit.
I was out working on my new work van and replacing the broken security light on my garage when I got a visit from Peter the Cat, he(or maybe she?) is a cat that used to come through my yard every day, I don't know it's real name, I just call him Peter. Well I hadn't seen him in over a year and I was starting to wonder what happened to him, but he stopped by today, It was good to know he's still out there, it made me wonder if anyone here was wondering where I'd been and if it would be good for them to know I'm still out here, so here I am.
I also got a random visit from a new cat, I decided to name him Mr. amaze-balls (you'll see why if you watch the vid.
It's good to see that Steemit is still chuggin' along and I'm going to make time to check my feed every day and upvote all my peeps from now on.
I don;t really know any of you but we've been through a lot together. This is the scariest and greatest time to be alive on earth that there ever was and I really believe that and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Thanks for still being here people!


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