They are things worse than dying......

3년 전

Goodmorning all....

I know everybody have the right and is entitled to their own opinion... But sometimes i find it hard to believe that death is the worse things.

Death might be the worse thing that can happen to anybody especially when a beloved one died which i know many of us have experienced the loss of a loved one. But even though their death is painful to take or accept

But the worse part of it is not being able to profess your love for them.
I have loss to good friend to death in the space of a year. One is the only son in their family while the other is a twin.

In this part of the world i live, It might be uncalled or abnormal to express your love to the same gender. Therefore, in as much as my two good friends cease to exist again, i still feel guilty of not telling them how much i love them and how i value them when they are still here with me.

Its something that keeps lingering in my head "every blessed day" i woke up.


If you love somebody pls walk upto them and tell them how much they mean to you. No one knows tomorow. If you dont, you will feel guilty like me all the time. You will see that oneday when they leave you here on earth, you will not just be crying that they are no more but that you didnt utilize your time to tell them how much you love the and will not have the chance and time again to tell them....

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