Mark of True Friends Worth Keeping For Life

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What is friendship? What are the qualities of true friends?
What kind of people do you want to associate with?

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The meaning of friendship has been weakened with the advent of social networking websites such as Facebook. Nowadays, it's nothing more than just a click away, we can easily make friends with anyone from around the world. On social media we can be anything we wanted to be, we can easily chat with friends, and keep up to date with the recent events around us. But in person, we are very awkward. It's like we are truly a different person online than in real life.

With so many networking websites, still it appears that we have lost the art of being social. We are too obsessed with connecting the world, and at the same time slowly degrading personal relationships. People become pretentious, and sometimes we are too preoccupied with making friends online that we forgot to be a good friend in real life.

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We all know that true friendship is vitally important in our lives. Good friendship gives us emotional support, they gave us a crowd to share our ups and downs, and they make our journey worthwhile.

"The mark of true friends worth keeping for the rest of your life is when you become impossible to deal with, yet they stay."

Dark days ahead

All of us will have bad days every now and then. Though we try to be optimistic the best we can, there will be times when the dark side will get the best of us. And I believe that it is through these enduring times, that our friendship will be put to test. The sheep will stand out among the pack of wolves, only then can we know which friends should we keep for life. True friends stay, not just on the sunny days but during the stormy days as well. They will stick around through thick and thin.

On Facebook, people always wanted to show the best version of themselves. We took pictures, we post status messages to show how happy we are. But in most cases, we know that there's a lot more going on than what we post online. Life can be messy at times, and we need our friends to lend a helping hand. Posting our struggles online won't do us much good, the best we can get from our so-called "friends" are some likes, short messages, a little encouragement, or worse judgement, and then they disappear. We need real friends.

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True friends all the way

A true friend will stand by you, defend you, and even take a hit for you if need be. True friends have earned your trust, you know that you can confide with them even your darkest secret without judging. They always lookout for your best interest. They are not just sympathetic, but they also empathize with you. They know our worst, and helps us all the way.

Real friends will give you a slap.

Real friendship is not just about pampering and always taking your side, your friends will also give you a slap when you need one. But the beauty of this is that we are more responsive to feedback from the people we trust. Knowing that they got our backs no matter what, we become more receptive to their advice. And in turn, we can continue working on living the best version of ourselves.

To find true friends, be a true friend.

We all need true friends. Sometimes we spend too much time searching for true friends, perhaps we should focus on becoming a true friend. For sure, when we become a real friend, our friends will also be there for us when we need them.

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When you find true friends, be sure to keep them for life. And remember, you don't need a thousand friends, you just need a few who truly values you and cares for you.


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