5 Fruits you may haven't seen before

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Do you love fruits? I am a great lover of fruits as I taste numbers of fruits around the world but in today's post I'm going to reveal the fruits which are rare to see by everyone. I'm sure you haven't seen it before. Lemme introduce you the most delicious 5 fruits below

Hala Fruit

By seeing the below image, you may notice that this brightest fruit made up of multiple structure of different wedgies. This Hala fruit is available in Australia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Ocean. It can be consumed both raw and cooked.

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Bengal Currant

It is an unripe fruit (hang in bunches) in the crimson red color. But the color change into deep purple color when it ripe. Its taste is very sour that's why the unripe fruit used to make pickles. It also used to make delicious jams when it ripe.

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Monkey Fruit

This fruit has a very different name as you read it. It's not only look like a tangy but its taste also rich in tangy flavor with sweet and sour taste. It has medicinal values as well. Never forget to taste it whenever and wherever you found it. It normally found in an Indian subcontinent.

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Star Fruit

Star shaped fruit is a tropical fruit with perfect star shape. It looks cool and fascinating. The taste is tangy and sour. It has waxy soft cover. It also enrich with irons and vitamins. People used it as a salad.

Image Source

White Strawberry

You may heard about simple strawberry, blue berries, and pine berry but this fruit is a bit different than other berries. Its color is white that's why it's called as white strawberry with red seeds. This is the hybrid version of two berries that's why you may find this fruit rare.

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