The Season of Fruits in Bangladesh

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The Season of Fruits in Bangladesh

Products of Bangladesh: Bangladesh appreciates for the most part a sub-tropical rainstorm atmosphere. There are three unmistakable seasons in Bangladesh. Winter from November to February a cool temperature (12 – 28 °C)and almost no precipitation wins. Summer proceeds from March to May with a little precipitation with temperatures as high as 40°C. The rainstorm wins from June to October having high precipitation, stickiness and temperatures from 25 – 35 °C. The normal precipitation every year fluctuates among the districts from 1194-3454 mm.
A tropical area, lavish greenery, dampness rich loamy soil and generation amicable atmosphere all these make Bangladesh one of the striking cultivators of a huge scope of natural products.

Products of Bangladesh

More than 60 assortments of organic products are being developed in Bangladesh. Real natural products incorporate mango, banana, papaya, jackfruit, pineapple, guava, litchi, Pomelo, lemon and so forth. Banana constitutes more than 40% of the aggregate organic product generation in Bangladesh.

The greater part of these organic products perishable in nature with high dietary esteem – are accessible amid the particular period of generation.

Summer Fruits in Bangladesh

Among summer natural products are mango, jackfruit, litchi, banana, pineapple, watermelon, guava, lemon, star organic product, honeydew and so on are accessible amongst May and July. Quality and assortments of Mangoes create in Rajshahi and Dinajpur.

Thus, it is nothing unexpected that mid year in Bangladesh is called period of organic products uncommonly for mango, jackfruit, lichi and stick (blackberry)the famous group top picks. In taste, flavor and surface, scores of most these organic products in Bangladesh are higher than comparable natural products in different nations. One needs not to be a specialist to feel this distinction. Guests to Bangladesh may simply taste any of the leafy foods for themselves.

Winter Fruits in Bangladesh


Winter natural products are Oranges, Hog-plums ( Amra ), Pomelo ( Jambura ), and so forth. Orange develops in Sylhet and Chittagon. Plums develops in Barisal primarily and Noakhali, Laxmipur, Norsindi, Gazipur too.

All season organic products in Bangladesh

Lime, Banana, papaya are all season organic products accessible during the time wherever of Bangladesh.

Yearly natural products Production in Bangladesh

There are not very many enterprises for handling of natural products in Bangladesh . The yearly prerequisite of organic products in the nation is more than 60, 00,000 metric tons. In any case, current generation is just around 15, 00,000 metric tons, leaving the nation exceedingly lacking in natural products creation.

As per insights went along couple of years back creation of assortments of organic products in Bangladesh is as per the following:

Banana-around 6,40,000 metric ton. Mango-around 1,90,000 metric tons. Pineapple-around 1, 50,000 metric tons. Jackfruit-around 2,70,000 metric tons. Papaya-around 50,000 metric tons. Melon-around 1,10,000 metric tons. Litchi-around 13,000 metric tons. Guava-around 50,000 metric tons. Ber-around 16,000 metric tons. Orange-around1,000 metric tons. Pomelo-around 15,000 metric tons. Lime and Lemon-around 13,000 metric tons. Other natural product around 22,000 metric tons.

Bangladesh is blessed with ideal soil and atmosphere for development of numerous agricultural yields yet add up to creation far not as much as enough. One reason for low generation, in spite of shift good climatic condition, is the nonattendance of business development of organic products. In the provincial regions of the nation, the ranchers notwithstanding other sustenance and business crops are likewise the cultivators of organic products.

Notwithstanding better taste, flavor and surface, the products of Bangladesh have another alluring in addition to point the vast majority of these are natural. In the midst of developing worry about utilization of compound composts in developing sustenance yields, foods grown from the ground and its conceivable terrible impact on the shopper, Bangladesh organic products can unquestionably claim to be all normal.

Rundown of eminent natural products, their neighborhood and English names and developing seasons are as per the following:

Fare Quality products of Bangladesh

Aam ( Mango ) – May-September.


Kathal (Jackfruits) – April – October.

Lichu (Lychee/Litchee) – June – July.


Kala ( Banana – All season.


Ata ( Cherimoya ) – March-May.


Amra ( Golden Apple ) – April-October.

Jambura/Batabilebu (Shaddoc/Pummelo ) – April-October.
Jamrul (Rose Apple) April – October.


Kamranga ( Carambola/Star organic product )- April-October.

Lebu ( Lemon )- April-October.

Safeda ( Sapodila/Sapota/Chico )- April – October.

Kul/Boroj (Plum/Jujubi )- November-February.

Latka ( Longan )- April-October.


Amloki ( Embica )- July-October.

Pani phal ( Water chestnut ) – April-October.

Peara ( Gauva ) – All season.


Tal ( Mangoesteen/Plam)- April-October.


Bel (Wood Apple).

Kad Bel.

Bangi natural products – April – May

Water Melon – April – May


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