Backyard Pear Picking {Mindful Reflection}

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Happy Monday my friends! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We went up to see @dksart's parents to spend some time with them, and had quite a productive Sunday. He always gets put to work when we go up there, helping with either tech support or manual labor. Otherwise we just end up sitting around eating too much, so it's probably not a bad thing to stay busy. Gotta love how our mamas always seem to want to fatten us up with homemade food. 😉


Despite the heat still being quite oppressive around here once the day gets going, at least we woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful cooler start. While he had his to-do list going, his mom and I decided to head back into the yard to pick some more pears off of their tree. All the way in the back of their yard they have quite an impressive pear tree. Apparently it has done well this year. She already picked enough to jar a mega batch of pearsauce (like applesauce but with pears). I think she said she made 15 jars. There were plenty left for us to get our share, though!


Lots of pears had already dropped and were being enjoyed by a number of critters. His parents had also picked the bulk of the low-hanging fruit. Luckily they had a nifty little tool to get to some of the higher fruits, which were actually in much better shape anyway.


The basket took a few tries to get the hang of, but once I got going I was on a picking roll! Initially we had it on a wooden rod that was maybe a little over four feet long. I was able to snag quite a few pears with that extra bit of reach.


We quickly exhausted the ones low enough to grab, but dad came in for the win with a rod that could slide out and extend to more than double the distance! Some good ingenuity to be able to pluck some really fine specimens from above. I am actually quite sore from my endeavors this morning after the morning of reaching up overhead and stabilizing with my core. Picking any kind of fruit or vegetables gives you a much better appreciation for how hard farmers have to work to bring us the shiny produce at the market or grocery store.


I couldn't tell you how many pears we ended up picking, but I would guess at least 20 pounds if not more. Though they have a nice taste and were actually quite juicy this year, they are still pretty fibrous and not really great for eating raw. Many had blemishes and soft spots, but many more were quite lovely fruit. You can easily cut around the bad bits, anyway, so waste not, want not.


We lugged our haul back to the house to start processing. I had planned on just bringing them back as is, but his mom offered to help me start peeling and chopping them up to bag up for later. The skin is a bit thicker than most pears you can get at the store, as well, so they do tend to be more enjoyable when peeled. You can't beat free, organic and untouched by anything but nature, though! I will be happy to put these to use in a number of ways. It was getting hot by the time we were finished picking, so we set up our next task in the house instead of sitting out on the patio.


Peeling and cutting by hand is no joke! My hands are just as sore from processing the pears as my core and shoulders are from picking, haha! I was quite in awe of his mother, though. They are originally from Poland, so I can imagine she spent many times like this doing the exact same thing with her family. I remember her talking about how they didn't have all the pre-mixed and boxed items even when @dksart was growing up. If they wanted pancakes they made them from scratch. Many other items were homemade not only because they couldn't find it in the store, but also to save money. She was quite the whiz with her knife, probably working at three times the speed that I was going.

I enjoyed spending the time with her doing such a basic task. It made me really mindful of not only the connection to the food source, but just the time spent with family. I fully admit sometimes I dread family events because they take so much out of me or I feel like I "lose" the whole weekend, but it is days like this that make me realize I need to just stop and appreciate those fleeting moments because we won't always have them. All the other tasks I didn't get to do this weekend at home are still there waiting for me today, and I'll get to them when I can. I cherish the memories of shucking corn for pool parties at my grandmother's house or helping my mom put together a lasagna for the holidays. Now I have one more memory with another mama I hold dear. There is something very meditative in doing such a monotonous task, as well, that's good for the soul.


Along with 10 quart-sized bags of peeled, chopped pears, of course she sent us home with some of the pears she cooked down, homemade fermented pickles and tomato sauce like the true Polish mama she is. I might need another refrigerator soon, and even the freezer is still full to the brim. Each time I pull out a bag of the pears this fall and winter I will think of her, though, and hopefully take a moment to be mindful of this bounty. I still fully intend to go apple picking soon, but this was a nice boon to the fruit stash at no cost other than the labor of love.

A lovely way to start out a new week! Plus you know I love a good double post--so I thought this was a nice one for #fruitsandveggiesmonday as well as #mindfulmonday! Two excellent ways to focus on health to hit the week strong. 💚


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Pear trees can be so productive - and they take less care than apples because they do better when they are not pruned. Those look like great pears! That tough skin keeps a lot of tiny pests at bay, so the tradeoff is worth it. When fruit falls to the ground, I like to think about how the tree's deep roots are bringing up all kinds of nutrients and putting it into the fruit. When the fruit rots, it's providing those nutrients to the top soil. So it's all beneficial, in its own way. Enjoy your pears and other autumn harvests! Yay for autumn!


Such great observations! Thank you for sharing! Makes sense about the pruning as that might explain why the tree was so productive this year. His dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's a few years ago, so he hasn't been able to do as much physical labor as he used to (like pruning trees). I love that imagery of the circle of energy between the tree and the fruit. We saw lots of bees buzzing around the fruit, as well, which always makes me happy knowing how precarious the bee situation is right now! Hooray for autumn indeed! My favorite time of year. :)


That's good advice, as we were about to prune ours but I remembered someone here saying not to prune them, maybe it was you!


@haphazard-hstead So good to see that you are still here :)

That's a lot of pears! I should make some yummy 😋 Pear Chutney 💝


Ooh, chutney is a great idea! I might have to add that to the list!

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Wow, that basket-on-a-pole tool is way more sophisticated than throwing your rubber shoes at them pears. I'll tell the wise old man about it.


Haha, though either way you still have to watch for falling pears! Almost got knocked on the head a few times. But it was a pretty neat tool. ;)


I would LOVE to find a basket-on-a-pole tool like that to pick the (sometimes) avocados in our backyard. And it would need that ingenious extension as well, because our one main trees is so tall.

Lovely spending time with loved ones in a productive way like that. Bringing you all closer together as well as having some wonderful food to share.

At our Farmers Market I don't mind the blemished fruits in the slightest ~ They seem to always taste the best and it's also a good indication that they're authentically organic. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


That's the first time I had seen or used a tool like that, but it's amazing what we come up with to make tasks easier. This tree was quite tall, as well. There was plenty of fruit I couldn't even reach with the pole!

I totally agree with the imperfect produce. I often bring hitch-hiking worms and bugs home with me from the market, but it's a good sign they don't use pesticides! Just last week my boyfriend snagged a whole bag of beets for next to nothing because they were slightly soft. I just turned them into soup. :)

@planttoplanks - I enjoyed reading your post about the family time with the pear picking and peeling. A monotonous job made enjoyable by working together with family. And the benefit of the fresh organic fruit. Pears are no where near the top of favorites list - in fact they would be nowhere to be seen on a "favorites" list, lol. I got sick one time in kindergarten on a school lunch menu item of canned pears and I've never gotten over the aversion even though my mind knows that fresh pairs or home processed pears would be much better.


Oh no! That's definitely an experience that would stick with me, too. I got sick after eating a bright red Flintstones push-up pop as a kid and would get ill passing the box in the store after that! Though in that case it was no loss to cross a highly processed treat off my list, haha.

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I do love going someplace and helping, especially family. Unfortunately, my mother has this habit of stopping everything she is doing to "visit". Drives me crazy. I go to help her and she won't allow it. At first, I thought it was me, but turns out it happens to both of my daughters too!

I am loving the pears. I haven't been able to get any this year. They all seem to be grabbed up at the store before I get there. I tried to find some at the Farmer's Market and missed the Pear Guy by five minutes! Oh, well. I will sit and drool over your photos instead.

Thanks so much for sharing. You are always so happy and willing to show us the positive side of life.


Oh my gosh I can totally relate to that! They generally put my bf to work, but she rarely needs or asks for any help in the kitchen. I think the only reason I got to join this time is because they were for us to take home. She powered through all of hers by herself. 😂

What a bummer you missed the pear guy! The last time I saw some at the farmers market we already had apples at home so I didn't buy any. Happy we got to load up on these!

I definitely have my negative moments, but the more I share the positive side the more my own brain thinks that way. Blogging continues to make me be more mindful in many ways. 😊

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Bonding time with family doing a monotonous task makes the job easier, and memorable when you look back on those days. We do not grow pears but we have imported ones. But I don't think they taste near the fresh ones.

I enjoyed reading this post, feeling the warmth of love in each and every line. 💕


Thank you my friend! I have warm feelings continuing as I go through all of the lovely comments.


You're most welcome dear. 😉


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无聊吗?跟我猜拳吧! **石头,剪刀,布~**

I have seen many times mistreat the fruit trees in my area, with something worse than some tennis, it seems a caress for our trees that tired to take them from their branches, I with so many pears, I would dehydrate them and use them as a snack.


I didn't even think to dehydrate any, but that is a fantastic idea, as well! We will lovingly enjoy each and every one of them. :)


It is a fantastic idea and a very delicious snack

How nice to have an evening with family and pick fruit as a family too. These are great memories in the making! I enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing!

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These really are some of my favorite activities, as you well know, haha! So even better to spend that time with loved ones. Now next on the list is to finally get my niece along for one of these excursions!


Yes! She would absolutely love that! Frankie is close to the same age as your niece and when I bring her with me to buy plants, strawberry picking, gardening she just gets right in it.

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Thats an interesting tool for picking pears back when I used to work in a gardens and pear picking was one of the jobs we were using ladders using a tool like that would have been handy


I'm glad they had that basket! It definitely made it a lot easier to get those really good ones up high. Once I got the hang of it I think it was for sure more efficient than a ladder since you could reach more fruit without having to move too much. Always fun to play with new toys, too. :)


It sure sounds a lot more efficient, I never really enjoyed the pear picking up the ladders to be honest

I love the connection to family that food brings!

What a beautiful harvest. I'm with you there - from garden to plate production lines always remind me of our connection to the earth and to family. It's definitely a mindful activity and you feel so good doing it, even if it's back breaking!!! That contraption for picking pears off the higher branches looks cool!

Hmm... I'm thinking baked pears with vegan fetta and walnuts... yummmm....

I need to just stop and appreciate those fleeting moments because we won't always have them



This is the type of activity I think so many people miss out on! Shoot, from my own peeling skills I realized I need to do it more often, haha. I am so thankful to have wonderful mamas around to teach me so that I can hopefully pass it on to the next generation. As much as I love certain modern conveniences, I hope we never lose touch with the joy of that homegrown food production line, as you so eloquently put it.

I think it was particularly moving this time because his mom just lost her father last week, and wasn't able to go back home to Poland for the services. She's so stoic and doesn't often show her emotions, but I felt it was important to just BE with her as she processes the loss in her own way. 💚

I love the harvesting fruits fresh from the trees. I spent a summer with my dad in the Okanagan getting in on the harvest season for so many fruits. I have a hard time seeing the fruit not being used and just falling to the ground! If I am not going to use all my fruit I do my best to offer it to others, sharing the abundance of nature. I often do harvesting with my daughter-in-law and it is so much more enjoyable than doing it alone!
Berry picking is another harvest that I find rather contemplative, quietly picking away taking in the different sounds and smells of nature!
Thanks for sharing and enjoy that wonderful bunch of pears - H-m-m maybe try some lettuce pear mint smoothies!


You know I was actually thinking of you and your smoothie as we were picking! That is definitely high on my list to make. :)

I adore berry picking, too, but totally agree it can be such a nice time spent with others. I was actually kind of glad my boyfriend was helping the neighbor otherwise he probably would have done the picking and I might not have enjoyed that experience. If we hadn't come up this weekend a lot of that high fruit might have gone to waste since his parents couldn't easily get to it themselves. Happy to appreciate the bounty!

That's nice thing to pick pear or any fruit from long trees. We don't have anything here in the market. I got the idea, maybe gonna DIY some. :)
That's surely a very productive day.


Sounds like a great DIY project! It's amazing how you can make just about anything if you put your mind to it. My boyfriend is excellent at that, so I'm happy to have him around, haha. ;)

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Thank you @jaynie and the fam! Always a wonderful way to start out the day with some PHC love!

I grew up on a farm and we had pear trees that produced what are called sickle pears. They are small, bu they were the best pears I've ever eaten. I always look for them in stores, but they are hard to find. We had cherry trees also, and you're right - it is awesome to have nature's foods available just for the picking!


Yum! They sound delicious. Sometimes the best things come in small packages, right? I think these are usually smaller, but I suppose the conditions this year were ideal that some of the fruit was quite massive!

What a great way to spend weekend time, Katie. This has been sitting open since yesterday, and I got sidetracked halfway through, so I am particularly glat @jaynie selected this as today's rally upvote. Of course, as I was reading, a few things went through my head:

Picking any kind of fruit or vegetables gives you a much better appreciation for how hard farmers have to work to bring us the shiny produce at the market or grocery store.

And I wish people did because then they'd appreciate not just the food but the farmers, too. Farmer bashing really angers me....

they didn't have all the pre-mixed and boxed items

This is how I grew up, too. It's also why I prefer to make most meals from scratch which, I know, astounds people. I am pretty selective about the ready-made things that I use....

Now I have one more memory with another mama I hold dear. There is something very meditative in doing such a monotonous task, as well, that's good for the soul.

I agree. And for bonding.

This made me smile on a sad Tuesday morning as I pass time before going to the funeral of one of our valley's patriarchs. He was 93 and a fruit, grape and flower farmer. A real character.

Good Tuesday to you, Katie.


Aww, I'm sure you will honor the gentleman well. Sounds like someone I would have enjoyed talking to!

I've got nothing but love and respect for my farmers! I know the big ag business has bastardized a lot of the practices here, but there are still so many wonderful, hard-working small farmers trying to make a living. The good thing I see here is that there is a huge demand for local, quality produce so I know a few of my favorites are getting some great contracts with local restaurants and even hotels! The only thing I hope is that they save plenty for me, haha!

I'm happy to share some good Tuesday vibes. Nice to commune with so many other like-minded souls, and perhaps encourage a few others to take the time to experience it for the first time, as well. I think our world would be a much better place if we all got our hands "in the dirt" every now and then to really connect with nature and our food sources, especially doing it together!


Oom (Uncle) Barend was a legend and I'm glad we got to know him - a little. When he first met me, he called me Mevrou - madam! It took a while for him to not do that! At that stage he'd had a couple of strokes and was compelled (by family) to use a walker. He'd chuck it in the back of his truck and tear around the village visiting his lady friends. Quite the philanderer! Lot's of talk from his children about his legacy on the farm, including starting one of the largest protea export businesses in the country. And they are the largest exporter of the Blushing Bride - in the country and in the world. And you wouldn't have an inkling unless you were told. Anyhow, he had five children, and there are sixteen grandchildren and about eight grandchildren.

There's a picture of them in this post - most of the pictures taken outside the village are on what was his land. And the little white houses - he built with his bare hands TMI. Sorry.

We are privileged to have small scale and large scale farmers around here - will I suppose it makes sense because of where we live. It does mean that we can support the little people and we benefit from the surplus and factory rejects from the big boys. Who, actually, by some standards are not that big, at all.

And yes, there is something literally grounding about getting your hands dirty and eating the fruits of one's own labour.

Forgive the blethering....

What a great bounty of goodies @plantstoplanks.
My Mom, God bless her soul, was a canning machine. Every year she would stuff the cupboards with peaches, pears, apple sauce, jellies, sauces, and apple pies.
Everything was prepaired and sealed in mason jars. As with your mother in-law, this was done to save money. We would literally be able to enjoy most of what she canned, from one year to the next.
As a kid growing up, I really never took much interest in her efforts, but now I wish she was still around so that I could enjoy this activity with her.
My children still rave about her apple jelly and have been on my case to make some. I have never tried making any jellies, and have a funny feeling I would not be able to duplicate her efforts.
Great post, and fond memories to boot.


What wonderful memories of your mom! She sounds like a lady I would have loved to learn from, as well. I have always been a bit hesitant to jump into canning for some reason, but I need to take more advantage to learn from my Polish mama. I know it's a lot of hard work, but must be so rewarding to be able to look in on a fully stocked pantry once it's all done!

I can imagine it might not be just the same, but I bet you might get closer than you think. ;) I hope you give it a try some time, if for nothing else than to honor her memory!


Being that we head for warmer weather, for a couple of months every winter, we've been afraid that the glass mason jars may not be able to handle the frigid temps.
I do love the idea of giving it a try on a small scale, in honor of mom, @plantstoplanks.
Thanks for the wonderful comment, she was such an extraordinary person.

The size of the fruit is much larger than we see, what a lovely bounty to keep bottled for the winter months.

Lovely plot with organic fruit to enjoy along with the family @plantstoplanks made me think back to an avocado tree we used to fish out the fruit with the pool cleaner bag at the end of a long pole.


Sounds like an ingenious tool! Anything to be able to harvest some backyard goodies. I would love to have fresh avocados! They used to have an apple tree that gave small, hard apples good for sauces and jams, as well, but it got struck by lightning and didn't survive. Perhaps all the nutrients got transferred to the pear tree to produce such large fruit, haha!


Lightening strike most probably boosted the pear tree, apple trees we had never bore fruit when we lived inland.

Good to have fruits you are able to use and store, have a wonderful day.


An outdoor adventure, fresh friggin pears and pear sauce? That sounds like a day well spent. I like pears so much more than apples and pear sauce sounds amazing.

So good and congrats on another great post!

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Haha, thanks Zeke! It was a good day for making some of those simple but impactful memories. I enjoy pears and apples, but I might also have to side with pears if I had to pick a favorite. 🍐

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Wow !! These pears are huge.
Nice to have so much that can make pear jam :)


Haha, I know! Though I don't know if they are quite as tasty to eat fresh as yours, but they are quite delicious in a number of dishes!

Oh my goodness @plantstoplanks, what a bounty :) We moms do have a tendancy to want to overfeed when the family visits. Especially when we have new goodies to share. I would love having fruit trees in my yard, I just can imagine how wonderful that would be, just walking out and picking fresh fruit, yikes :) Canning and freezing, nothing better during the cold winters. Looks like a day well spent with family, I'm sure she enjoyed it as well


Well I suppose feeding your children is probably one of the oldest methods of showing love in the book! She is an excellent cook, so I can't complain. ;) I appreciate that she always makes an effort to make sure I have plenty vegan dishes to choose from on the table!

I would love for nothing more than to level out the backyard and make it a food forest, haha! Though it would require a good bit of time and resources to get it fully transformed. Perhaps we can just work little by little. At least we have our continually expanding garden to lead the way! :)

I remember very little of my childhood, but I do remember freezing strawberries and making jams with my mother and preserving all kinds of food with my Aunt Jane. Both are gone now and I am so glad I have these happy memories of them. Food! There is some magic in growing and preparing food that fortifies the soul. Very nice post.


Strawberries are a big one for me, too. My grandfather passed when I was only 7, but one of the few memories I have of him is going strawberry picking. He would stay out there long enough to fill the entire trunk with berries! I always think of him when I'm in a strawberry field now. Definitely a sweet memory. Glad you have some of the same!


I HATED picking strawberries. Fortunately, I developed an allergy to something in the strawberry patch and was forevermore spared picking strawberries. But I love them, and I still buy two flats at the farmer's market every spring to freeze and eat the whole year long, just as my mother showed me how to do it.


Haha, they are definitely the most back-breaking of berries to pick in my opinion. We definitely didn't have much patience for it as kids. They are so delicious, though, so as an adult I can put aside the discomfort knowing I'll reap the rewards of that burst of flavor in each bite! :)

On the way to the beach with little internet. Ill3catch up in a few.


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What an amazing way to spend a Sunday! Okay, actually an amazing way to spend any day. Such an awesome bounty to bring home, @plantstoplanks - both fridge-wise, and memory-wise. Also...
happy pear congrats.gif


Haha, love it!! Fantastically fruity. :)

Fruit picking is indeed a tough job and glad to see that you got the hang of it.
At the apple and citrus farms here they have expert teams of pickers, mostly ladies, that work on each farm every picking season.
I for one cannot imagine picking fruit from hundreds of trees every day of the season. The monotony will drive me nuts.
Looks like you are well stocked now with the good stuff!


I would definitely never need to officially workout again if I picked fruit more often! The hard work and connection to our food sources makes you realize why post people were not overweight years ago. I don't think I would monotony too much, but then again it very well could drive me nuts since I've never had to try it! I feel pretty lucky to get the chance to make a day of it every now and again, though. :)


I don't think you need any extra workouts my friend.
Funny but some of the fruit pickers look a little rotund, but I bet that they have muscles of steel.
As far as the monotony aspect is concerned, I love problem solving and in our charity work not one day is the same. I would really die a slow death if I had to do the same thing every day.
You are right, every now and again is the ideal view to take.

We used to have a beautiful pear tree in the backyard of the home I grew up in @plantstoplanks but sadly it died a few years back. I sure miss this pears. 😁

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Aww, that stinks, but glad you enjoyed them while you could! This is the first time we've really gotten any of the pears from his parent's tree. I think we just went up to visit at the right time and it was overly productive this year. I'll remember this for next year so hopefully we can do the same thing again! :)

That must have felt pretty awesome to have picked all of that! No wonder you were feeling sore after lugging around 20lb of pears! Nicely done!


Haha, yes it was definitely a bit of a workout! Just lifting the pole overhead when it was fully extended was a good bit of functional strength training. ;)


Haha working on a different muscle group! Better develop those pear picking muscles! 💪

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Thats a neat looking picking contraption! Reminds me of using my boy's "robot arm grabbers" to pick up stuff around the house so I don't need to bend over!

You're going to need another fridge for your pears. It'll be a pair to your first fridge! Bwahaha! :)


Hahaha, I know! His mom was trying to give us even more stuff to take home, but I told her I only have one fridge! Luckily I have the extra freezer, but even that is quite full at the moment. For only two people I sure do have a lot of food in the house, haha.

A handy rig to pick the pears. A great harvest time.
As for the maritimes, a lot of fruit trees and fruits have been destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. We just got our power back after 72 hrs. Oh my it’s great to have running water and lights again. 😊


Oh thank goodness! Glad to see you pop up and that all is well. I hope there wasn't too much damage up there!

That’s really neat that you work together to harvest the fruit and process it. How wonderful that you make so many different things out of the kitchen!


I tend to be a bit of a loner sometimes in the kitchen (good introvert recharge time), but I have to say I did really enjoy having good help this time around! More hands makes the task that much quicker! :)

sounds like you had a wonderful day. Perfect mindfulness :D


Thank you! It has stuck with me all week, so definitely a day well-spent!

Howdy plantstoplanks! What a wonderful post! Those pears look so good, there's nothing better than ripe pears from the tree. I've never had pearsauce nor even heard of it but that would be great!


I appreciate the visit @janton! They have been quite delicious so far. I think she calls the pearsauce jam, but I think it's much closer to what I consider applesauce, just with pears! Though it is fantastic as a spread or just to eat with a spoon. ;)


My pleasure plantstoplanks, good to visit and I love the thought of those pears and pear spread, super delicious but healthy!

It took me a while before I had the time to read your post Katie, because I wanted to take my time. I had a feeling this is not a post to be rushed with and I was right. I also knew from your email about the sad family circumstances, but I was hopping you would have a a lovely time despite of that.

Well, now I am very happy to know that you had more than a lovely time. You had a very special experience that you will cherish forever. Aside from that, I enjoyed reading about the pear picking and the fascinating technique, lol. By the way, I had no idea pear trees can be so tall. I love pears and I would love to have some of these. I was actually given some couple of years ago that looked just like this. But this year I will be buying pears in the supermarket for sure. I always buy Bartlett pears by basket when they are in season.

Anyway, I guess you will be making some pear goodies, so I will look forward to that 🍐😍🍐


I appreciate you taking the time to read this! I was hoping I would do justice to the beauty of such a simple, yet very poignant experience. Time really is the best gift, isn't it?

I made a pear crumble on Tuesday, but it wasn't anything too fancy. Delicious, though! Now if only the weather here would cool down a bit so I can really enjoy getting into fall cooking! 😉


You are most welcome Katie! I totally agree, these are the most precious moments. I had similar experience when my sister was here and it will be even more intense next year while I will be visiting her. She has garden also, so maybe that's why I could relate to your experience on a deeper level, because I keep imaging us doing stuff in the kitchen and garden 😍

Pear crumble sounds amazing! YUM!!! The weather here is cooling down, but I still don't feel ready for autumn meals, nevertheless I have to start soon too, lol.


If you think picking pears hurts, you should try raking blueberries. Crippling. I did it one summer as a teenager ... it was NOT worth the money. Nor was picking fields of turnips from very cold Canadian soil. Farmers earn every penny and then some. :-)

Now you have a pile of pears to work with ... let the experimenting begin. For non-vegans, pork chops and pears are delicious.



Oooh, I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it. Seriously, any hard labor like that is a humbling experience. That's part of why I'm a maniac at the farmers market and throw my budget down the toilet every week--I want to support all of them for the hard work that they do! Though I benefit from the best damn produce to experiment with in the kitchen, so it is a true win-win. ;)

Got dang! 16 Resteems on this one, gnarly! I had eleven once—once! Congratulations on all of your success around here, Plants. 👍🏿


Wow, I didn't even realize that until you pointed it out. 😲 I'm a lucky gal to have some rad pals on here to support what I'm dishing out. 🙏

That looks so delicious , and the grap hand to catch the pears is so handy. And this blog can go for a tree tuesday to


Oh man, I always forget about tree Tuesday! I don't know why as I love being among the trees. Especially ones that give off yummy fruit like this. :)