Broccoli and garbanzo bean sliders

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Fruitsandveggiesmonday vegan sliders

Taking broccoli and garbanzo beans and 1 habanero and making great sliders.

Last week I tried 3 alternate combinations and all worked

  • one with onion and rep peppers
  • one with straight hot sauce
  • one with horseradish and cabbage

Obviously the hot sauce one inspired me for this day. Great sliders and the mild and neutral base allowed tons of alternative toppings

thanks always to my @vegansofsteemit community keeping this going. With @lenasveganliving and @plantstoplanks promoting and sponsoring it week to week

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I approve of this plant-based posts.

Looks like a real tasty treat yumyumyum

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I would love to try! I bet they are delicious 😊
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Yum! Love having all different variations. That's the great thing about finding a good base. You can switch up the add-in's based on what you have on hand or are craving at the moment. :)


I did the platter for debate night n got reviews n then did video night for myself. Great way not to get bored

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