FruitsandVeggies Monday BBQ pork and fried green beans.


Fruit and Veggies Monday. Use it UP while Quarantined

so its time to dwindle down the frig stock. Here I am using up some items in a delicious way.


  • Leftover bag of chopped salad
  • Fiji Apple Vinaigrette
  • cracked pepper
  • As with all slaw's, Time. 2+ hours here

I then took whatever peppers that were around and as always onion, chop and cook in Italian dressing. As well soaked green beans in leftover cider. Which are then tossed with flour. Put on a tray with fake pork and baked.

Add bbq sauce let cook 5 minutes. Then take out meatless bites, cook another 5. let stand 5. Layer on to sandwich and give it a side of house-made hot mustard.

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Delicious 💚🌿💚


Looks amazingly delish -yumyumyum