Yea I'm Still Not Buying into Steem Wars

4개월 전

The saga continues... I admit it's cool to see a rally and some community action here in a temporarily successful bid to consolidate power.. I'm not really with or against either side here therefore if I had the means to buy into this precarious ecosystem I still wouldn't...

Y'all of course are free to do as you please.. It all feels more like a bunch of millennial gamers attempting to double tap the angel investor.. Yes, that's basically what Sun is and rest assured he won't be conceding defeat without a fight.. He has seriously deep pockets and access to untold wealth. It's highly likely all of this drama is playing perfectly into a well orchestrated pump that facilitates a one hand washes the other scheme that accomplishes more for him and his initiatives than you and your spud FUD..

The damage has been done on both sides the difference is money talks and people follow that paper trail along with its rhetoric. Not one human outside of steem is thinking I am going to buy in, power up and get involved to protect the sovereignty of a shit coin that never was the least bit decentralized.. The sobering reality is steem went from having 2 stakeholders that voted witnesses to one. The take away to the cryptosphere is that they feel their intuition to stay away from this shitshow has been vindicated.. This platform is years away from possibly ever really flourishing and the odds of that are greatly diminished by this very public display of a pissing contest..

So have it, I'll continue being the odd man out that's always told to leave or ridiculed for having contrarian opinions without the bag to back up his opinion... Steem will always be the place where if you don't pay to play you're just attack of the clones not Return Of the Jedi..

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Asa marketer I’m all in on this, it’s a PR case the likes of which crypto has never seen! Their are so many juicy narratives

East Vs west
Overload vs community
Centralized vs what I’d say is the least decentralized but kinda counts

Then let’s add misuse of funds
Then let’s add collusion
Then let’s add a band of forgotten misfits no one in crypto gave a shit about

Is steem a shit coin? Absolutely! Am I loving this yes! It could be one of the greatest case studies in crypto history while all alts carry along doing basically jack shit!

I mean litecoin hasn’t dev’d shit in months and has 1 part time dev, Bitcoin cash is running out of funds and wants to fork a doa all these tokens are shit shows mate!

As for pure entertainment value I’m getting for my steem it’s miles better than the 9 bucks I pay for Netflix I can tell you that much


Mos def ! I recently dropped Netflix after 5 years or more.. I'm in dire need of free drama, and we have boatloads here 😂

Listen to the chat on the ura-soul post I resteemed 👍🏽


Will do Asher thx

Great decision to stand still in your principle @skramatters 😉 I just did what I could, it's temporary anyway... I'm not a crypto-canine 😁


I'm also not having much of a dog in this fight as we say..

I'm with you buddy, the PR is so bad right now, I would never advise anyone to bother with steemit. What a joke of a blockchain.I blame Larimer and Ned Scott who made this dud of a blockchain setup/ And I give DPoS a big FAIL. It's useless, look at EOS where the same thing happened a year or so ago, when 1 rogue witness reversed the blockchain, apparently for valid reason but still... It is centralized and therefore a failure. Sorry stinc but you lose.


Indeed I share your sentiments, but I'll stick around to do some pot stirring 😂


Nice idea, hang around and carry on as things may stabilize, but be ready to bail out if things go south.


Yeah I'm not invested one iota here so I'm just doing what I've been doing for a year. Powering down and buying btc.. I know I know that's not being a company man or towing the line but alas I don't care haha.. If steem ever gets their shit together I'll buy in for the first time.. My tune won't change based on emotional investments though..