Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019

2년 전


The moon is supposed to be red tonight, and they call it the “Super Blood Wolf Moon.” It is hard to tell from my photo, but it is a bit red, the clouds cover it up a bit. One thing is for sure the moon is gaint tonight.

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Right here, right now.. Playa del Carmen-Mexico.
Im waiting for Super Blood moon :D


I m also... waiting good luck


Wow, epic pic.

The view is glorious I mean I Could feel it even glittering into my eyes, wow the angle is amazing, what type of camera did you use?

good try to photo the moon. always hard at night. but effort counts. still an awesome shot

To be honest it sure would have been cool to see the Blood Face of the Moon completely but as of the image it does seems like someone is directing a flashlight from the sky :D

Liked the whole view of the city (I believe )

Yeah this photos on phone are never easy. Here in London it is just a normal moon 🌝 (and I didn't knew that was an emoji with a smiley moon lol) still that is a great view.

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It is difficult to understand the original color of the moon from the photograph taken.But if you look directly at its red color.I tried to take a photo of the moon several times but could not pick it up.In the main reason I have no good camera.I take photo to my mobile photo that not use night photography.
However your photography is nice

Great photo.. Remember to set Positive Intentions to attract Positive Vibrations!

Thanks, @theycallmedan!!!

Does that mean where about to moon? 😂... I think the 4th quarter of 2019 will be the upturn 💪🏼

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We started the year sevens moons leading to the epic moon last night. Lots of moons xD



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The same moon in crypto too today hahah seems like bitcoin is related to the moon completely

I woke up extra early today, even went outside while everything was still dark, but sadly couldn't see the moon. However, the night sky was quite red.

Decent shot! In my photos, the moon always looks like a tiny white dot, no matter how big or red the full moon is :D Night photography is not my strongest discipline :D

Woah! That's freaking awesome!!

The noon would be red ?? Never witnessed that kind of thing...

Do share a photograph when the SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON shines red

Excited to see it 😃

P.S. You've skills sir, the shot looks so decent, I can use it as my desktop wallpaper as well ;)

Waitin for the Red ....


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  ·  2년 전

Wow awesome shot. The moon is really looking awesome. Such a beautiful moment captured by you. What is this place?
It is morning in my country 😃😃😃

I am still waiting as the best time to watch on the east coast will be at 11:41! It’s a clear night so will be cool to see.

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In my area supermoon will occur later on the night of January 21 2019. The moon will look reddish. I will watch it tonight .

Nice Fullmoon, same moon here :D

Hmmm.. I guess something either good or bad had to happen this night. 😉

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wao looks beautiful, I took a picture but far away, yours is closer


This is my favorite to capture photo

A crappy pic from the suburbs of Minneapolis:


That's great photo of twilight so thanks for sharing this photography..

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more crappy pics :)

But if you are interested I know an awesome post about preparation for moon with awesome photos - way better than mine :)

I have observed it . That was quite different scene as it looks before.

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Why is the moon supposed to be red? Am not familiar with all this things.


It happens when the moon goes in the earth's shadow. I've seen a few of them


Lunar eclipse
A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly or very closely aligned (in syzygy), with Earth between the other two. A lunar eclipse can occur only on the night of a full moon. The type and length of a lunar eclipse depend on the Moon's proximity to either node of its orbit.


OK. Thank you.

It was definitely beautiful down here in peru... Here's a shot I got...fullsizeoutput_16d8.jpeg

It is quite analogous to the situation in crypto market. Everyone is waiting for the market to moon but that day never come and it seems like an illusion. But in your case at least you have a real moon and that to a giant one.