FullTimeGeek's Daily Bot Report 2018-08-15 (last 24hrs)

4년 전

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Who are the BLESSED?

They are content creators that do one, or more, of the following:

  • Engage their audience and community
  • Care about the well being of Steem
  • Produce quality content

Who are the HEALED?

They are free thinkers that have been censored/flagged for their opinions.

Who are the CONDEMNED?

They are one, or more, of the following:

  • Reward Pool Rapist (Selfishly upvotes)
  • Flags opinions to destroy reputation or rewards
  • Doesn't care for Steem or community

Report Start Time: 2018-08-14 15:00:00 EDT
Report End Time : 2018-08-15 15:00:00 EDT

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it's always a good stream when fulltimegeek swings by and donates some hugs :)

I wake up feeling so excited about this experience here on the blockchain and send my huge thanks to @fulltimegeek for being such a large part of helping to mobilize this energy!



Oh yeah? Take a number! lulz


Well, you know this fam we've been groomed into here has been hiving nicely. I am feeling so happy and ready for more.

Excited for this evening's Mutual Appreciation Society with EWE!

Thank you so much @fulltimegeek! but saying "thank you" just doesn't seem to express how I really feel. Please know that every single time you upvote me, it now only makes me feel special, but encourages me to continue to follow in your footsteps, helping and encouraging those here who truly deserve it! I really do feel blessed :)

I am on the list....thank you very much @fulltimegeek.

It is greatly appreciated.

You are one who really adds to the quality and value of the STEEM blockchain.

Is it possible for you to review my account ? I've been on steemit for over a year. I'm an active curator, content creator, and host a weekly Steem community based talk show on @msp-waves. Would love to have you check it out!

Grateful with your great support and your confidence.

Hi fulltimegeek. Thank you so much for all your support it really makes a huge difference.

  ·  4년 전

How does one become blessed?:) Any rules you value for one to go down this pilgrimage journey?

I am your post upvote @reasteemed done

Woohoo, $0 toward heal and condemn. TY FTG :)

aaaayyyyyyyee neat

Thank you again, in these times of dwindling prices, and vote value, yours are very much appreciated.

Blessed! Thank you sooo much

Thank you for your help! Donations are very important for streamers. Because we are happy and motive. So we are trying to make more beautiful publications :) @fulltimegeek #dliveisbetter

Thank you for your support buddy! I was a little shocked that you are big player on steem :D Now your help means even more because if you thing I'm making something good I'm happy with that to be worthy thanks to my work! :D

Thanks for your support! ♥

Thank you very much for being on your list! It is definitely an honor! :)

Hail the great bot army

I was just wondering about it as it was unexpected and had to ask to find source to day thanks. And here I am to say so. Thank you I like you call it a "blessing" and really grateful of the encouragement. I will go on trying my best.

Blessed again, thank you!

I REALLY appreciate the support and will definitely pay it forward as I build up steem. Thanks on behalf of all those you support and the community you are strengthening.

Awesome info! I wonder about the Monster Bots, lol! I want one, hahahaha!! I sent you a Nice red Fire set of Steem Monster cards- just go to steemmonsters.com to view! All you are missing is a Elemental phoenix Legendary for FIRE now !!! :-)

Thank you for the continued support. I only wish that more whales would follow the example of @fulltimegeek. Steem would be rocking then!