Toilet Paper Token: Are you gonna buy?

3개월 전


So today i got up in the morning and started my usual routine that included checking the prices in CoinMarketCap. To my surprise i saw a new coin above Bitcoin. At first i thought clicked something wrong but soon enough i saw the new and upcoming coin that listens to



In case you are interested in buying check out this

Buying TPT
The Toilet Paper Token will go on sale April 1st, 2020 on Shitake Exchange. All wipers must take the Ply Count quiz, which mathematically determines the correct number of TPT that wipers can purchase on a monthly basis.
Once tokens are sent to the company, they are burned to prevent companies from holding large amounts of TPT and gaining a monopoly on the TPT supply

With the growing demand in toilet paper this is a great opportunity for everyone to get rich quick. In case you don't believe me just check the images below that show how much people are in need of toilet paper


For more info of this marvelous new coin click here


Note: Just to cover my ass and not with toilet paper :P this is supposed to be an April's fool joke so don't say i haven't warned you!
I will post this on hive as well!

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