Her mother was cleaning, the neighbors are horrified when they see the child walking on the ledge

3개월 전


Children often want care even while they are sleeping. And as such they can often do things in a second that adults do not even imagine. This is the scary moment when a child risks his life while walking on the ledge of the fifth floor of a palace. The event took place in Tenerife, Spain.

The girl comes out of the window and walks along the ledge. She reaches the corner of the balcony and sits there. But instead of jumping on the balcony, she turns back. But before climbing the window again, her foot slips and she almost risks falling down. According to the media, the child's family had come for vacation from Finland. Meanwhile, it is learned that her mother was taking a shower at the time of the incident. Neighbors expressed surprise that nothing more serious happened, while another said the girl was lucky because she did not smell.

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