Ask the Car Guy @socky April 17, 2019

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What is your car trouble?

I want to give back to Steemit community and provide some help on something that I know very well. Cars and how to fix them.


Please ask me about your car issue. Won't go into gear. Strange sounds. Don't know if you should take your car in to the shop. Just ask.

Car fix.jpg

Send me the make, model, and year along with car symptoms.

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Greeting friend socky, I know you are a man loving automotive mechanics and your help advising people on the subject, once I wrote you mentioning my vw Kombi food truck, unfortunately shortly after writing to you, the engine of the truck. (I leave the link at the end).

I live in Venezuela and here the economic situation is a bit complicated, I am an industrial mechanic and I earn an equivalent of 10 US dollars per month to support the family. and as much as I try to raise the money, I have to spend it on food for the family, I am working in Steemit publishing every day to gather around 500 SBD to repair the vw kombi.

It will be possible to obtain from you an ascending vote once a day to help me reach the proposed goal to repair the vw Kombi.

Later, once I repair the VW, I will start a project for the children of the favelas of the metropolitan area of ​​Caracas.

do not feel committed, or forced to do so, actually I am being sorry to write this lines.

I say goodbye @theonlyway

Below I attach the links.