Ask the Car Guy @socky May 28, 2019

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in fun

What is your car trouble?

I want to give back to Steemit community and provide some help on something that I know very well. Cars and how to fix them.


Please ask me about your car issue. Won't go into gear. Strange sounds. Don't know if you should take your car in to the shop. Just ask.

ZCar cartoon.png

Send me the make, model, and year along with car symptoms.

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gracias, yo solo se de autos es que necesitan combustible para funcionar, nada mas, disculpa mi ignorancia

Excellent article and thanks for the support they give us what we are looking for more knowledge and help. I started following you. Congratulations on your good work.

there i a lot of interesting infoe=rmation here thanks for posting this..

I have one for you... Since my car had its yearly check-up it slides to the left if it rains. No flat tires. Some repairs are done.
Getting scared in that car it was great. It happens if I take gas back, not always if I use the break.

Sometimes I see the steering wheel make some weird, short movement to the left, next back to the right (correction) I tested it on the highway.

Car drives fine in a straight line if I let go of the steering wheel.

Thanks in advance 💕

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imformative post bro... have a nice day

I have a 2004 Ford Focus hatchback. The engine sputters and it feels like it's gonna die out. It just started doing this. I love this car, but is it going to die on me ?

That's very usefull

Oooh I no little about cars


hello. every thing about cars is my interest. from iran gorgan


yes .you are .



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Hola muy bueno el post. A seguir con el post exitos


Great idea , a lot of people need help with auto repair.
This is a valuable asset to people needing car repair.

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I'm hoping it will catch on. This post is very old. check my daily posts....

upvote me please bro

Very good!

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nice bro

Excelente muy bueno

Why do people keep putting flyers on my car? I don’t want to see a band called “Parking Violation” at the “Courthouse” next Thursday.

Muchas gracias , agradecemos que estes disponible para nosotros cuando necesitemos ayuda!

I don't actually have car trouble but am starting my 1st ministry. Any ideas on how or where i could use this platform maybe for donations??

That is a very good innovation about the car.. great idea from you

Hi, it´s a great idea.
Very #fun pictures

Hey Mr Kelvin.... please can you drop me your number... please

Great post!!!