ARCHON opportunity. UFM still lives!

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@upfundme or UFM is one of the only tribe token market still alive on steem-engine, and I can now report that very exciting progress is being made on the HIVE front! The announcement post from Upfundme reveals many of the details:


We can now see on the market that pre-sale is well underway, about 32 thousand of the 50 thousand total sale is still available. These sales are enabling the purchases of BEE to activate all of the features of the tribe. Happily, BEE is staying low (as reported here).


Archon Miners have now been created.

Archon Miners


Miners appear to produce slightly more rewards that are available in the proof of brain section, and they combine a random element with a guaranteed daily drops.

UFM users get airdropped

UFM is not ending, it will continue on STEEM and will continue to advance their library of lottery based entertainment that was so successful at burning the tokens. ARCHON will be made a part of this ecosystem.


Active development has been slow, but visible. We noticed just yesterday that the first mining rewards are beginning to be sent out.


Watch out for DROPS!

We are especially excited that ARCHON will be dropping to UFM stakers as well as dropping ARCHONM to UFMM holders. This is a chance to take all of the best practices learned, tighten up the supply and the inflation, and continue creating an ecosystem of value where we can care, share and enjoy.

Freedom and Friendship!

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