A new life in Puerto Rico. I am supporting entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency investors, blockchain developers.

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Welcome Steemians!

This is a personal introduction from myself as I relocate to Puerto Rico. I have had many interesting chapters of life and am excited to begin this new one.

I am excited about the potential of blockchain, crypto, entrepreneurship and real estate opportunity development. I am looking forward to working with other Act 20/22 and Act 135 persons here on the island of Puerto Rico. I see amazing talent here through the University of Puerto Rico and also within other well known startup accelerators budding locally.

I am uploading a video that was previously posted elsewhere, but I have updated the intro. I am psuedo-retired now and looking really only for the hungry type entrepreneurs to help out. If you are in Puerto Rico, involved with blockchain or other crypto projects and investing, or if you want to do something in the real estate realm...let's talk more!

As I grow my channel here, I will be posting completely new content once I have transferred my previously created stuff onto this platform.

I hope to use this platform to empower others and to motivate people to build something they control.

Also, as I grow this platform, I will be sending 0.001 of STEEM to every follower whenever I post a fresh, new video. It will come as a URL direct into your wallet to give you notification.

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As I am doing this manually, and it takes time to do it... this offer will stand until I have more than 5,000 followers. After that, I will be sponsoring a bot to automate this process and support entrepreneurs that support STEEMIT or support business development here in Puerto Rico, for Puerto Rican locals especially.

You can watch the first part of my video as an introduction to myself. At the 2 minute mark, I am posting the older material I made before about Funding Gym purpose and why I am doing this.

The transcript is below of what I said during the second part of the video.

"Welcome. My name is Gary, I'm glad you found us today. I'm going to talk about Funding Gym.

There's a purpose behind Funding Gym. I founded this company as a time shortcut.

It was a time management tool to build this company.

Often, in the past, my friends, family or people that I knew, were asking me questions. I seemed to be answering the same things over and over.

Now, I'm no genius, but I have been raised inside of a credit culture here in the United States. I understood very early on that cash is not King, credit is king in this society. The more credibility that you have financially, the more that investors, lenders or vendors are willing to sell to you or lend you value.

That's why I really started the company. This company is primarily an information source and a tool that I can point my friends, family and associates to. Here they can learn quickly how to properly develop their credit scores.

Their personal credit score can enable them to live the lifestyle that they want to live and to buy the car that they wish to afford. It can access the house that they want to live in or it can provide a security blanket of safety net in case they're injured.

There's a lot of use and utility in having a high personal credit score.

Over the past few years, I have lived in the Silicon Valley and in the Silicon Valley in California.

There, I'm often coming across friends and making business contacts with people that come from outside the United States. Often they don't have a personal credit score or they don't have an business profile at all, but they want to start up their company and get business going.

They want to start up their company.

  • They want to hire staff.
  • They want to sign a lease to an office or a warehouse or a factory.
  • They need to buy raw material and convert that raw material for a finished good or service to sell.
  • Maybe there is equipment that they need to lease and do this.
  • They want to set up a merchant account so that they can sell their product or services to clients.

These steps almost all require having excellent business credit.

In the United States at least, it's much easier to organize a company and become successful if you have credibility AND you have capital.

They say it takes money to make money, well it doesn't have to be your money to make money. It can be an investor or a lender's money so that you can become successful.

So that's really why I started Funding Gym. It was so that I could provide those tools. I can provide the information.

I can even provide services if necessary to my friends, family and people that I associate with directly.

Regarding business development, or personal credit development , what I'm talking about is being able to take someone that is a zero or a blank profile to being over 800 scores.

You'll learn more later about what that means and also how I am able to provide access to up to $250,000 in business financing, business credit.

These tools, that you can learn about and utilize to become successful, these are very powerful. These are do-it-yourself tools. We're gonna cheer you on as you utilize these do-it-yourself tools.

If instead, you do want us to provide that service instead, our time isn't free, but it's not really expensive. I didn't organize Funding gym as a way to make ton of money off of my friends and family. I organized Funding Gym as a search tool or a way to find other people that are entrepreneurial and that have a business curiosity. They have an interest in their own brand or their own product or service. I'd like to bring those people, that personality type into our existing organization.

We are based in the Silicon Valley. We are also based in Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, and later we are going to expand into Austin. We are seeking out entrepreneurial types. I am not hiring anyone. I am simply looking for hungry entrepreneur types as potential partners in future projects. That's why I am putting this education online here inside Steemit platforms and social media outlets.

The tools that we're going to make available have to you deal with credit profile building. They have to do with financial strengthening. The reason is because I want to educate you and strengthen other people is that we have similar characteristics. As a group, as a team, we are able to take on bigger business deals. We are able to expand into bigger real estate, bigger venture capital support and more leadership of good ideas that we simply don't have the time to follow up on now.

Why am I doing this also?

It's because it's a challenge. It's something that's new for me. I've had many chapters in the past, many lives in the past.

My origin in North Texas was working with cattle and agriculture and rodeos and cowboy stuff.

Then as a young man, I joined the Navy and I became a military supporter personality. I was highly trained in trauma medical support within elite military systems.

I was lucky enough to be selected for Special Forces. So I was with the Marine Corps, First Reconnaissance Battalion for many many years.

Later on, I had my curiosity about biology and medicine drive me toward cardiology. I started to learn MRI, CT, echocardiography and cath lab. All of these medical and biological systems to diagnose were fascinating.

So I've always had a curious mind about what is next. A couple of years ago was when I started my first company outside of medical career. My first company here in Silicon Valley was because I was constantly surrounded by personality types similar to Steve Jobs or Larry Page. Or I was neighbors with Elon Musk. All of these things you would hear about from entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk.... these kind of people were motivating.

They are really motivating personalities and it just became a new challenge to start a company of my own. So I started different companies. In the past they were had to do with co-working or Co-living spaces for tenants that are in startup or they needed collaboration spaces. It became addictive to support startup ideas.

What I found out was that internationals that come into the Silicon Valley, they may be capitalized to start their company. They may have a good product or good service already in their home country. They're expanding in the United States, but were constantly running into problems dealing with the fact that they had no credit profile.

They had no credit history, there was no report that could be pulled. When they wanted to get an apartment, or when they wanted to get a cellphone or a utility bill started, they had all of these challenges.

I realized quickly that credit scores even though you're well capitalized, even though you may be employed by a big brand name fortune 50 company, you still have obstacles when you don't have a credit score.

So what I wanted to do was started this tool to help my friends and also to seek out the next superstars, right? Find the ones that can be part of the team.

So I hope you enjoy this series. I hope that this has been a little bit of an insight behind why Funding Gym exists. This is what I am willing to do as far as invest my own time and our own resources to help you learn and do. We're able to pass those tools on to you if you wish for a do it for yourself. It's so that you can get to a strong point financially as well.

It's also to let you know that we are seeking personality types. These personality types are the ones that are ambitious and curious. They are intrigued by finance and developing their own strengths financially.

As a team, in cooperation, we can do bigger and better things.

So I thank you for your time. I'm glad that you watched this video and now have a little bit better understanding about why Funding Gym exists and what the purpose is.

If you liked it, please share with others. Also you can subscribe or ask any questions that you may have in the comments below. I'll try to make a video regarding your questions specifically as soon as possible. Thanks again, and see you on the other side.

That's it Steemians!

As I grow my channel here, I will be posting completely new content once I have transferred my previously created stuff onto this platform.

I hope to use this platform to empower others and to motivate people to build something they control.

Also, as I grow this, I will be sending 0.001 of STEEM to every follower whenever I post a fresh, new video. It will come as a URL into your wallet to give you notification.

IF you are NOT a bot, AND have a following of your own above 300 people AND you RESTEEM my newest video link while upvote is possible, then I will also send you 0.25 STEEM. As I am doing this manually, and it takes time to do it... this offer will stand until I have more than 5,000+ followers. After that, I will be sponsoring a bot to automate this process and increase the payout and support entrepreneurs that support STEEMIT or support business development here in Puerto Rico, for Puerto Rican locals especially.

I have 15,000 SP at the moment and will upvote your content especially if it is related to entrepreneurism, crypto development or some kind of collaboration here in Puerto Rico.

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Just to be clear as I learn this platform, I am StartupLaunchpad also here. FundingGym is for the purpose of putting education materials I already assembled over decades of experience into the blockchain and for other enthusiastic entrepreneurs to learn from. I will be converting my databases that cover all sorts of topics related to personal and business credit profile development into the Steemit and DTube platforms for all to see and use.

I am also StartupLaunchpad. That profile is specifically for posting other content not related to business credit or personal credit development topics. I operate both and want to be transparent about that.

I will be putting more info here and will decide which profile most fits the nature of content I post.

Thank you all for the support!


Very interesting. I have 30+ years in AI and have a home in STX.


Nice coincidence!


not coincidence - that's why I was attracted to your plans - I understand the situation in PR.


hey, thanks for the upvotes!
but, do you know - any upvote is discounted by the % remaining voting power? So, the same 100% when your remaining voting power is down, say to 27%, is the same as voting 26% but when your remaining SP is at 100%?
I stop voting when my % SP drops below 80% unless I'll be out more than 24 hours - the time to recharge 20% of SP.
All the best!


Ahhh!!! That is a good bit of education. So much to learn! Thanks for the tips!


there are many "old hands" who still don't get it and discounted themselves by voting below 80%, my absolute minimum unless I'll be gone more than 24 hours.


@startuplaunchpad - I would like your input and possibly support on this:
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All the best!


What is the link to see quickly what your own current voting power percentage is?

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Welcome on Board Sir

Not until I read your post at some point deep, I didn't realize it was a steemit introduction post, the post topic was catchy enough to make me click and read with assurance that what I'm going to be reading will be helpful. So first big thumbs up on that sir.

Starting this way on steemit and with your follower incentive model, no doubt you will grow to become one of the top influencers in this community.

When you talk about helping entrepreneurs and blockchain developers with a keen interest in real estate, I thought I had fallen into the category not until maybe it has to be those living around your new base (Puerto Rico).

But, I think we can still work together and you might be interested in my blockchain project, which lack of support has been the major delay factor in launching the project. I had spent over 6 months researching, refining and writing the white paper after I first announced the project to the steemit community in November last year, which was very well welcomed.

I'm a 20 year old entrepreneur with an exceptional entrepreneurial talent and zeal, I will appreciate if you can provide me other private option to discuss my project and a little bit about myself with you.

Thanks and welcome once again.


Thank you Bania for your comments. I appreciate it greatly. I am happy to pass along information that I have accumulated over the years. Due to my limited bandwidth, I will be spending most of my time publishing onto this platform information and content that are generated in the past. You can learn for free about all the systems of funding and venture capital. I'm not sure exactly where you're based.What state or country is yourResidents on record?

I say that because the U.S credit and funding systems prioritize and tier the cost of capital access when banking is concerned. The more stable, anchored and reputable you can demonstrate yourself to be, the more money for projects you can access at lower and lower costs. Warren Buffet can get cash for next to free to put to work into a new business or investment idea. The less anchored "and reachable" a person or company is, the less credit or capital will be lent or the higher the rates and ROI the lender will expect when bearing the risk of loss.

That said, my first priority will be to local entrepreneurs within the Puerto Rico business or investment ecosystem. My second distribution of time will go toward Californian residents that are also tied into technology, startups or other silicon valley supported projects. The last portion of my time will be utilized to support anyone within the United States that is entrepreneurial and also has a valid social security number. I say this because it's easiest to acquire funding at the lowest costs from major banks with this access. I can find 0% APR funding for up to 15 months use and often at up to $250,000 to support qualified entrepreneurs.

Reach out to me here so others can learn and also message me if you make a post here that describes your blockchain project or your entrepreneurial intentions.


Hopefully in all of this you will help the struggling community in Puerto Rico. AND help them re-build.

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Keep up the good work! Upvoted!!

This is what I was going to post:

Welcome, @fundinggym!

Congratulations to your instant success!

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All the best!

But, you have a much bigger goal and SP.

I am semi-retired, currently living in
Houston after Irma chased me from USVI St. Croix (see my profilr link - my other home)

I am aware of recent developments in PR and would like to stay informed. STX is 40 minutes from PR ...


Thank you! I am interested to stay connected and will follow your blogs. Thanks again!

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Thank you! Are you based in US?

Amohelehile! I just said WELCOME in Sesotho, one of South Africa's 11 official languages :-)

By joining Steemit, you have embarked on what I believe is one of the most exciting journey's I have been on in a long time! I wish you much learning, happiness, laughter and a crazy thick wallet on this platform :-)

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Very nice post bro. Tons of great insight. Welcome to the Steemit party.


Howdy Neighbor!
Good to see you here. I actually just undelegated the steem power from my other account @startuplaunchpad from this account last night. It takes 7 days to go back to be able to use from @StartupLaunchpad otherwise your upvote would be higher value. I am learning this process. Maybe we can sit down this coming week and go over steemit education and I can help review your business funding options.

Let's meet up soon.

Thank you again, @fundinggym, for your upvote of the #ccc initiative (curation circle creed - doing it right with blogging, voting, and resteeming).
I have been an entrepreneur, many years ago, in real estate in Texas. I have also worked with mortgage companies with their underwriting processes and have an insider's view about credit scores and such. Although I could not divulge any secrets protected by NDA, I could help in some ways in your business in PR.

Nice to meet you at steemit. I think that is a great community, and it is constantly growing! So have a look over at my gallery would be happy :-)

Hi, fundinggym! Best wishes for a very fulfilling experience here on Steemit! It is very nice to meet you!

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link https://discord.gg/AkzNSKx
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Thank you for the support! I spent nearly a full day just trying to get this video to post. I am still learning quite a bit about Steemit as well as the other tools that use it's blockchain. I am not sure if it is the internet speed or my editing speed that was hanging me up. I am looking forward to building something productive here in Puerto Rico to support the crypto community blossoming on the island. I especially am looking to work with University of Puerto Rico writers and with act 135 businesses based in the area here to do so. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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I'm excited to learn more about your work, well done! 😊

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