One Click Crypto Class Action Signup for Steemians!

2년 전

There is now an almost instant way for Steemians to join the Class Action Lawsuit against Facebook & Google's Crypto Ad Ban.

JPB Liberty's Litigation Funding Agreement is now recorded in the Steem blockchain so Steemians can now join by simply sending a Steem Memo to @jpbliberty.

To sign up as a class member (no cost or risk to you) and receive bonus SUFB token(s) simply send at least 0.002 Steem to @jpbliberty with a memo saying:

  • "Join Crypto Class Action. My [email/Telegram/Skype] address is [xxxx]."

You can keep these details private by encrypting the Memo using your Memo key.
This encryption functionality is built into Steem and provides an easy way to use it.

If you want your signup SUFB tokens sent to a different Steem account add:

  • "Send SUFB tokens to [@steemaccount]"

If you have other substantial crypto holdings and want your bonus SUFB entitlement to be calculated including them then include their public wallet addresses in the (encrypted) memo or email them to (Proton Mail encrypted).

Bonus SUFB tokens (a Steem Engine token) are issued based on the table below.

Screen Shot 20190507 at 16.12.42.png

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Modern problems require modern solutions. Well done @jpbliberty


Thanks. The Steem encrypted memo functionality is not used much but is very useful.

This is amazing! I just signed up, might add some more details later.


Thanks @soyrosa.
This new signup method makes it much easier for Steemians to join the Class Action.
If you had substantial crypto holdings outside Steem you should provide details to get more SUFB tokens. Either by another encrypted Steem memo or an email email using Proton Mail or PGP encryption to


This is amazing!
I just signed up, might add some
More details later.

                 - soyrosa

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

What is this project about?

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This is a class action lawsuit by Cryptocurrency holders and projects against Facebook & Google for banning the ads of the cryptocurrency industry early last year. This action was illegal cartel conduct under Australian law and we can sue the US parent companies for global losses totalling over $400 Billion.
Because its a class action lawsuit funded and arranged by a litigation funding company (JPB Liberty) it doesn't cost anything to join and you are not personally involved or exposed.
You just sign up and get a payout at the end if we win.



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