Artist Collaboration With Gino On My Multimedia Culture Exchange Travel Project

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A month ago I was on a 3-months-long journey from my homeland Croatia to Morocco & back, passing Italy, Monaco, France & Spain... & all that on the wings of my #Twingo jet. I met some incredible people & a really amazing time almost everywhere with a really small percentage of bad experience.

In this post I am displaying a collaboration with Mr. Gino Cremades who is a visual artist & who accepted to volunteer on my project too! Actually, we've exchanged art in this collaboration. But not only art - we actually lived together 1-2 days in this free camping place in Chefchaouen, Morocco where we shared food & drinks, travel experiences & the joy of free life on the road.
By creating his art, he has connected the art pieces which were already drawn down on my #Twingo jet by Mr. #AmosShein ( & Ms. #EnyaAshlyČirjak (the small mandala on the gas cap). Connecting people in art & culture & life is becoming real & the goals of my project are realizing!

This was the free camping place just above Chefchaouen, Morocco where I lived for 3-4 days in my #Twingo house!

We had a great time together! World wide wanderers from Italy, Spain, France, England with children & dogs - & me - the only one from Croatia!

Except of his painting / drawing talent, Gino had this beautiful, sincere smile!

Art in progress & a dog resting - the men's best friend!

Deep focus while creating art:

Gino finished & posed a bit aside his artwork:

Completed illustration connected with the previous ones:

The collaboration in the form of art exchange - I received Gino's illustration & Gino got from me a handmade wooden necklace:

Thank you Gino!

All the photos & text were created by me.

More about the project you can find out on the following link:!/@careassaktart/kv6b04cv6 - Check the progress of the project under "News" tab! Thanks!

I managed to drive from Croatia to Morocco & back! So, this part of the project was powered mostly by my sponsors:

The Silver Sponsor – Gole Sport

The Bronze Sponsor - Čisto Čišće

...& many generous donators! Thanks to everyone!

The next step in the project is finalizing the travel monograph & the documentary & for this to come true, I will need more funds.

So, every up-vote & re-blog is precious to me & I'm very glad if you decide to support me! Comments are welcomed too! I will definitely keep on creating photography, videos, music & texts for you to be able to experience what I'm experiencing with an accent on the alternative ways of life, far away from the mainstream & criticizing all there is to be criticized!

I am also still very open for the sponsorship! If there're investors who would like to invest in my creations & who would like their names to be displayed forever in the book & in the movie, I will gladly accept your support!

Donations you can still send via the project link I posted just here above but also directly on my bank accounts:


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Thank you all very much!

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