Share2Steem Fundition Update #2 : Instant Account Creation is now LIVE !

2년 전

Credit : image CC0 modified by @AaronLeang

1) Creating Accounts via the Share2Steem application

( @algo.coder speaking ) This update was a big one (it required some changes in the Database architecture), and I didn't have much time so I haven't been able to make more updates this week.

A big thanks to @oracle-d and their account creation API that makes all this possible ! They spent a lot of time putting this in place and helping us through implementation on our website and we can only admire their devotion to Steem promotion !

How does it work ?

When coming unlogged on the website, a first check is made:

  1. Do we have any account we can create via the Oracle-D API ? For now we shouldn't have any problem with the limits, but it might happen if we attract, as we aim, a lot of new users.
  2. Do we have any pending claimed accounts on our own ?

If one of both answers is positive, the "Create a Steem Account" button that the visitor sees on the Home page will link to our internal account creation system. If neither of them is positive, the user, by clicking on the same button, will be redirected to the Steemit Sign Up page.

The account creation process

If we have some available accounts (as described in the previous paragraph), the user will first have to verify an e-mail adress. He enters his e-mail adress in a field and a verification e-mail is sent to him with a unique link.
Clicking on it brings him back to the website, on the account creation interface.

He then has to link and verify a social media account (by the exact same procedure than the one you have to go through when linking an account to the app when you're logged in).

After that, the visitor has to choose a Steem username and his account is finally created.

The password is then displayed only on his screen (an e-mail is also sent to him, but without any credentials in it). A few links and advices also accompany this password delivery.

The last step for him is to log in via SteemConnect with its newly created username and password, and he's now ready to use Share2Steem with the account he verified during the account creation process. He can also (like any other user) link other accounts, make a little tour of the website (we will implement a complete tutorial on the website to make all the features known to new users).

Anti-abuse measures

A few measures have been put in place, but we will only tell about 2 of them (we wouldn't want to give any potential abuser the means to fraud the system).

  1. E-mail verification : This one isn't great but it requires a valid e-mail and clicking on the link in the e-mail. It also makes the whole process really difficult to automate.
  2. Social media account validation : The user needs to link and verify (ensuring he's the owner of said account) a social media account at least one month old. It can't already have been verified by someone else (like for everybody), so you can not use one social media account to create multiple accounts. This measure should ensure no bots or abusers can create accounts, they might be able to create one or two but that's all.

Of course there is still the Instagram or Twitter botters that might have a few hundreds / thousands aged accounts, but as the process can not be automated, we suppose nobody will have the patience to create more than a few accounts with this process (and as said, some other security features have been put in place to also prevent that).

Still to do

We're currently trying to also integrate @tipu account creation capacity in the API system so we can also use some of its pending claimed accounts. A big thanks to @cardboard for his continuous support of the project since the first days ! He also made a few modifications to @tipu to allow us to make our fee compensation and achievements systems as we wanted them to be. We are really grateful for his efforts and support !

The algorithmic delegation system will also be quickly deployed.

When linking an account (and soon at regular intervals), the social media account linked to our application is assessed : age of the account, number of followers, number of impressions (statistics given by the social networks, this data is different for all social medias but the idea stays the same : measure the influence of the account).
The proprietary Steem Power of our @share2steem account (reserved to accounts created via our internal system) will then be distributed amongst all created accounts (that have less than 15 SP) depending on their assessment. We will also factor usage of our application.
These delegations will be reviewed and modified on a regular basis.

2) Other updates

Twitch : There were problems when the stream was restarted a few times, the first one was replaced by the video (if the VOD service is activated) and then a new stream was cross-posted to Steem.
From now on, during the first hour of a Live, if a new stream from the same user is launched, we modify the data from the failed stream with the data of the relaunched stream (and the one-hour period is reset) - this ensures that when the post is edited to replace the Live by the video, it is the good "video" that is taken.
Also, the post can not be edited with the video before one-hour (to avoid the problem of post being edited with each video - of each failed stream - if the stream is restarted a few times).
Bug-tracker : @alucare

Achievements : Rewards given for Achievements have been rebalanced, as it was too costly for us, and also some abuse was possible on certain items and that has been corrected. Thanks to @alucare for discovering a possible way to abuse the system.

Coming in the next few weeks

The order reflects the prioritization of the tasks, but not the time the updates will be made (as some don't take much time, whereas other can take much longer to be deployed).

1) Application architecture rework

This is only back-end stuff, so we won't bother you with it. Some changes need to be made for scalability and to facilitate updates. That will require a lot of work, but when reworking a particular part of the application, we will use the opportunity to make the updates related to that part.

2) Account creation system

As stated before, the algorithmic delegation will soon be put in place.

3) Achievements (UI)

The dedicated page for Achievements on the website will be put in place, indicating your current level, your progression towards next level and the reward associated.

4) Working on translations

With the recruitement of moderators for the Discord channel, we will be able to offer translations on our website, to identify the visitor's location and translate the website accordingly.

5) Working on a FAQ

We're currently working on a FAQ section, that is now available on our Discord server but not yet on the website.

6) New supported social networks

We are constantly working on supporting new social networks from which you'll be able to cross-post to the Steem blockchain via Share2Steem.

7) Users' suggestions

And of course, as always, we will implement updates depending on users' suggestions and our own ideas as they come. We will also continue bug-tracking and fixing.

The ones that are already planned but not yet implemented:

  • Allow users to sponsor us with SBI and create a new item in the leaderboad score to make this sponsorship rewarded. Suggestion by @albatar.
  • Adding the possibility for users to add benefactors to their posts made via Share2Steem. Suggestion by @ericwilson.
  • Better statistics on Posts Made and on Affiliates. Suggestion by @onepercentbetter.
  • Improving the Twitter integration of @musicoin. Suggestion by @lorenzopistolesi.
  • The possibility to redirect the delegation score of an account to another (other) account(s). Some people delegate to us but only post from secondary accounts, so the benefit they should gain from delegating to us is lost. Suggestion by @evildido.

( @algo.coder speaking ) Sorry I didn't have much time to work on those this week, but know they will all be implemented !

Some statistics

We are proud to count 1 053 members.

These members posted 5 746 messages from social networks generating 2 928.22 $ in payouts.

Share2Steem application is ranked #14 in number of posts.

Source : Share2Steem Internal Statistics, posts made by the different Steem applications (excluding comments)

@share2steem account has 23 629 SP, and our 100% upvote is currently worth 0.57 $.

Want to delegate ?

Delegators get up to 25% APR ! But also a bonus in the Leaderboard, implying bigger daily upvotes by @share2steem and the Curation Trails.

50 SP100 SP200 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP5000 SP

Want to delegate more (or less) ? Just copy and paste the link below, taking care to change the amout of SP you want to delegate at the end of the URL :

Or go to and use the delegation tool on the front page !

Useful Links

Guide To Setup Share2Steem with Instagram by @AaronLeang
Guide To Setup Share2Steem with Twitter by @AaronLeang

If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to encourage us, feel free to come to Discord !

Let's go !

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Looks like great progress is being made.

And the account creation with the Oracle-D API is an excellent step forward.


The Oracle-D initiative to put this API in place is really a great step forward for all dApps out there ! I don't know if they received other applicants but I think it's only a matter of time before they arrive en masse.

On our end, we're trying to keep the delays we fixed, but new ideas are coming everyday and it seems the to-do list is ever-growing, but that's great !

Thanks for your support !


Totally agree... giant steps in here!

It’s so amazing how transparent you guys are about the service and easy to get a hold of when there is a problem. I joined the service before the website went up it’s encouraging watching the app and community grow :)


Thanks for your support !
We're trying to do our best to keep users and delegators informed of our progress, and we highly value transparency and proximity with our users.
Without everyone, the application is only an empty shell, so thank you for using it and fueling its developement via suggestions.

This is one of the best Steem Apps out there. Share your original content from wherever here on Steem and eaen upvotes and Crypto its eaay as that!

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Hmm! Very helpful. Great job guys :)


Thank you !

Excellent work guys from @ Share2Steem, for the statistics are on track.


Thanks a lot !
We're keeping an attentive eye on statistics as it is our only way to track progression and see the impact of our efforts ! But for now, it's all good, rising lines everywhere ! :D


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Thanks for your support !

This is incredibly good news! And I'm glad the RCs from my delegations to @tipu will be put to good use!

Posted using Partiko Android


Thanks ! We do our best !

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One step further in growing the blockchain!!! Great job @Share2Steem. You guys are pretty fast. :D


Thanks ! And also, without @oracle-d API, which is easy of use, and their account claiming capacity, none of this would have been possible.
We should be prepared to welcome some new Steemians really soon !

Thanks for all your great determination to help musicians from @musicoin to share their songs on Steemit

Thanks for sharing...

Pas de souci, si je retrouve des beugs je vous le dirais ;)

Delegate 10 SP to @share2steem

  ·  2년 전

Hi @gameo! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 10.0 SP delegation to @share2steem.

Great News, I just wonder how can dolphins with over 5K SP claim pending accounts? If I could claim 1 account per week and give it to you guys that would ve awesome. So my question how can dolphins claim accounts and than give them to App like yours?

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Unfortunately, it is not possible for now to "give" a claimed account to someone else. But thanks for thinking about it anyway !

Hi guys - can you check why this one is not showing up?

Big achievement over there! Over 1k user is somewhat impressive assuming they are all valid users. Keep up the good work.

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Hi @fr3eze !
They're all valid users (we don't create accounts juste to increase our numbers). Not all use the app regularely, but all went to the website and signed up (logged in via SteemConnect).

I will soon do some weekly statistics report with more in-depth numbers. But just for you, on these 1 103 users we currenlty have :
375 posted at least once in the last 7 days.
553 used the app at least once.
And the rest only logged in but never posted through the app :(


Good enough considering what a bear market we currenntly have.

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