Providing Free Photos For Editorial Use On Steem — Update #49, Selection #46 — Snowdrops

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Greetings, Everyone!

Coming with another update to the gallery of free images for editorial use on the Steem blockchain. See the link.

Those conditions apply only to what was specified. Please, learn more about the project.

And since people are still asking, mentioning me like in "image by @manoldonchev" is fine.

Including a link to the source like this: words in [] followed by a link in (), no intervals/spaces between the two types of brackets, that would make you feel safer in regards to other blockchain entities.

My latest contribution:

New images uploaded.


One of my favorite flowers. I don't know if you have them in your countries. They are quite common here or used to be. Some wild populations are extinct. First flowers of winter. Awesome aroma.

Snowdrops 1 s.jpg

Snowdrops n3 s.jpg





Snowdrops 2 s.jpg





If you like what I'm doing and you wish to support the initiative, consider backing me. That will improve both quantity and quality. And the frequency of the uploads, of course.

Also, there are files for print and/or for commercial use as rewards. For personal use like desktops or wall decoration, too.

Some more basic tutorials also coming,

after the first one about Exposure,

and the second one about Depth of Field.

Other recent tutorials:

How To Keep Only One Thing Colored

Knowledge Or The Wrong Way — about shooting bolts of lightning

Sometimes The Idea Is Everything — a motivational lesson

Enjoy the rest of the gallery which now contains more than 480 images.

Please, visit the gallery linked above for more!


Manol Donchev

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I don't know, but seeing these photos causes me visual pleasure


Well, this is something important visuals do for us :) Thank you :)

Beautiful snowdrops❤

Beautiful posts

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