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A few months ago at the Steem Creator's Conference, a crazy idea was born. Then at Steem Fest, that idea took some shape and after a lot of consulting and assessment, @Steemonboarding was created.

The primary vision of @Steemonboarding is to provide the tools for every Steemian around the world to successfully invite, welcome, and mentor their friends, family and acquaintances. All of this, in a format our modern age really wants: 2 minute long videos in their native language.

The project was very ambitious and in the hands of two community-focused, non-techy Steemians, it was going to be a challenge. We got incredible support on our project announcement posts and, after all the hype, we are finally delivering the first phase, the bulk of the work if you may.

Ten videos talking about the Steem Blockchain, in ten of the most spoken languages on Steem

Defining the topics, writing easy-to-understand scripts, translating each script into 10 languages, recording every video in a local accent and, coordinating a team of almost 20 people resulted in...

Yes, the website has an https:// feature, currently we are running some tests with local data encryption and also with an SSL certificat. We currently are running things with the SSL and so far, so good.

The website has 6 Tabs, but currently only 3 of them are browsable - we are still working on the other three -. Below we´ll explain what each tab is for:

Steem Profile - A direct link to our Steem profile, where the user can get to know the interface, explore posts, tags and users on a chain level. We are currently linking it to Steemit but in the near future we´ll decide if we change that for a busy, esteem, steempeak or any other interface based on the Steem Blockchain.

Modules - This is where the fun begins. The user is able to pick their own language out of 10 options and start learning what the Steem Blockchain is all about.

The Team - This wouldn't have been possible without a solid team in all the different areas that this project is aiming to cover. Most of this work has been pro-bono or people have charged very little for their help, thus, we mention every member of the team - giving credit where credit is due and at the same time providing with them with some visibility.

The next 3 tabs only show the legend Coming Soon. And its true, they're coming very soon!

Communities - This is where the newly onboarded user will be able to browse all the communities on Steem. Ideally, we will have videos here speaking about each community. We already have several community videos but we are not making them visible until we have enough to make an impact. If you are part of a community and you want it to be featured here, please contact someone from the team.

Dapps - The main showcase. This is where we want the new Steemian to finish their onboarding process. Currently, we are running several contests so we will have members of the steem community explaining their favorite a video speaking about their Steem Blockchain based Dapps. This will be an integral resource center for new steemians to explore the many applications they can join by having a Steem account.

For the time being, and thanks to a recommendation from @therealwolf, we are linking the Dapp tab to

Create a Steem Account - This is the main attraction of the website and thus, the most difficult to develop (although we are almost ready for it). After the user watches the first ten videos and they know the basics about the Steem Blockchain, they will be eligible to create a steem account if they manage to pass a little test about Steem, all in their own language.

For the time being, and thanks to a recommendation from @roelandp, we are linking the "Create account" tab to

We wish these three tabs were already finished but, since all of the team is working without little to no remuneration, we've been developing this part a little slower than we thought we would.

Which leads us to...

Remember that our @Fundition campaign is live, and any steem and fiat donation you make, will help us develop this project faster!

Steemonboarding Fundition Campaign

The Videos and the content on

Our main goal is to have a concrete, specific message that explains what Steem Blockchain is all about to new users, and to do it consistently in as many languages we can. This way, anyone from any place in the world who is joining the Steem Blockchain, will have the same mindset of a long term, community focused,  and investing prone approach.

So far we have the same Ten Topics in Ten Different Languages, and we are planning to add 10 more languages in the next phase of site development.

What is crypto?
What is Blockchain?
What is Steem?
What are Steem Dapps?
Where does the money comes from?
Passwords, keys and security
Your voice is worth something
Curating Content
Engaging through comments
Finding your community

We believe consistency is key, this means that all of the videos are simple, short and they have the same message no matter the language they are in.

The Full Steem Onboarding Team

As we mentioned earlier, SteemOnboarding is a collective effort from people from all over the world and this wouldn't have been possible without any of these amazing Steemians.


English - @coruscate

Spanish - @anomadsoul

Korean - @ramengirl

Cantonese - @travelgirl

French - @evecab

German - @tibfox

Russian - @amalinavia

Portuguese -@guifaquetti

Mandarin - @joythewanderer

Thai -@waybeyondpadthai

2 (1).PNG

Staff Writer - @revisesociology

Content and Consulting - @tarazkp

Web Design - @elteamgordo

Web Development - @anthonyadavisii

We also want to thank @andrarchy, @acidyo, @starkerz, voronoi, @abh12345 and @crimsonclad for their advice, tips, encouragement and general involvement in the project.

Steem Onboarding Road Map

As a long term project, and now that the bulk of the work has been done, we are ready to tackle on the next steps:

Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4
Dapps and Communities Tabs ready to be browsed in englishPR, Mkting & awareness Campaigns within the Steem BlockchainMass Adoption Campaigns in traditional social media platforms
Full automation of the account creation processSteemonboarding interface ready to host Tutorials and courses from Steemians from outside the TeamMonetization for Course/Lesson Creators hosted on our Website
Ten more Languages (2nd gen languages) for the first set of videosWebsite and Social Media Channels start to monetize with Ad revenue
Full Test for the account creation processDapps and Communities tabs subtitled in the 20 existing languages
Ten more videos for the First Generation languagesSecond set of videos for the 2nd gen Languages

What does the Steem Onboarding team want from you?

We would love to get your feedback on ways we can improve in the future, or perhaps suggestions for topics to cover in upcoming modules or features to have on the site. We are making this tool for you and so we want to make sure it is something you would feel excited to share with friends and family!

As you can see, we have an ambitious road map of new features, languages and modules we would like to add.

Not only will your feedback be invaluable, but your support as well! Please check out our Fundition Campaign if you would like to donate and support the development of this project.

Thank you all so much for your support along the way, and we can't wait to hear from you!

Let's reach mass adoption together!

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 7.36.59 PM.png

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Great work. This is so important. I look forward to onboarding lots of people with it.

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Looking awesome!

I've also got some first thoughts about the website: IMO the main navigation bar should be as simple as possible. Especially if some of those links aren't yet fully functional. (communities, dapps, etc.)

Here is a quick mockup what I have in mind:

  • Dapps could redirect to for now
  • Signup (Create a Steem account) could redirect to for now

But anyway, the most important part are the "lectures". I looked over them real quick and ... well done everybody!


Or signup can link to which shows a variety of signup options !


Ah yes - good call, wasn't aware of that yet.


Totally, the link redirection sounds like a great temporary patch til we have that feature ready, thanks for the input Roeland!


This is exactly why we want anyone's input, the temporary redirection links are quite clever, we'll implement that asap. Thanks for the vote, the input and the constant encouragement man!

The videos are great. I was wondering why they are hosted on YouTube rather than DTube?
If you upload them to Dtube, I'm happy to pin these videos to my DTube video server and others in the Dtube community backup to ensure that they are always available.

Best to showcase Steem DApps by actually using them, :-)

Hey, @steemitboarding.

To one and all. This is looking amazing. From what I can see, it looks very well thought out, extremely well put together, and informative. I went through several of the videos in English and felt they provided some basic introductory information—just enough to get things going. If anything, I might have consolidated shorter videos into one where it made sense, but the idea of keeping things to less than three minutes each is great.

For what it's worth, I think you've got something very important and worthwhile here, so keep up the good work.:)

I might have missed this, but I'm wondering how new users will know that is even available? It sounds like the idea is to have them see this even before they sign up? How will this be achieved?


Yes, Portuguese is a very important language for the Steem community, we couldn't leave it out!


You got a 24.95% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @discernente!

Quite a great initiative. Thanks to @Anomadsoul and @Coruscate for this. With this development, becomes a resource hub where I can dig resources for a real-time training of new #steem users in my locality - Uyo, Nigeria. I actually started mt Steem Acquaintance lessons though sourcing for the materials were difficult

Two Suggestions:

@Steemonboarding could consider having a link to major exchanges for #steem so it can be a complete user experience and a full gateway to #steemblockchain.

Moreover, I hope @Steemonboarding could also create room for ambassadors in different locations for offline tutorship and education for new users. It will help in places where data is costly such that downloading or watching the videos become too expensive.

Thanks once again.


Definitely something to consider, thanks so much for this input and for sure, we will give this a deeper thought. I like the ambassador idea, perhaps some collaboration with steem ambassadors sounds like a good way to start.


Thanks for the response Eric, certainly, am seeing @Steemonboarding as my new project of interest on #steem.

Meanwhile, as you brood on those thoughts, remember me on the Ambassadors' list. I oblige to fan that in my locality - Southern Nigeria.


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So glad to see this!

Im planing a community twitter campaing and this site becomed handy.

Can we use your content on social platforms? as a way of promote?

Of course ill give RT from your Twitter account 😊

Already following you guys there! Lets put #Steem outside the cryptosphere! 💪


For sure! As long as you include source to the original content and promote our steem and social media accounts, you're good. Thanks for all your efforts my friend, long time no see.


Im planing to share the embed version straight from the oficial @steemonboarding youtube channel.

And i will propose, everyone to give RT to the onboarding twitter account also!

  ·  2년 전

Wonderful. Congratulations for this beggining! It is a lot of work.
Now I can share this website with my contacts in order to promote and engage more people!

Upvote and resteem.


Excited to see this up and going! I hope to look into it closely in the next couple of days; I will try to provide feedback as needed! Looking forward to directing new users to the site as I curate #introduceyourself posts daily!

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You are actually one of the steemians who have supported the project from the beginning, thanks so much for so much encouragement!

Thank you for all your effort and enhancing everyone's experience on this platform


Thanks for the encouragement, we will keep doing our best!


I'm sure you will.....and many will benefit greatly from your hard work. 💐

Una idea cojonuda!!! Enhorabuena y un saludo a @anomadsoul

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Gracias Ivan! Seguiremos haciendo lo mejor que podamos! Abrazo

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Thanks for spreading the word about this update!


You are welcome.

Now seems no new user will be in i struggled in begining......awesome video learning

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Thats one of the main points, that people feel like fish in the water in no time, contrary to some other users experience in the past!


It was completely when I guidance for first few months....but slowly I started to discover

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I recognize those faces! Steem it celebrates! I hope many are onboarded.

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At last!

Now my lazy friends irl have no excuse but to get active on Steem.

  ·  2년 전

Looks like a great project. Well done!

Very nice! Hopefully, everyone's efforts pays off and let the world knows the beauty of Steem. I wish you guys and this project more success!


It will depend on all of us, hopefully a lot of people will jump in our boat.


Congrats, this is a big step forward to educate and enroll a lot of new users to Steem.
Thank you for the hard work and efforts you put into this project.

This is a great job done by STEEM team, how I wished I could create another account, but I have one already

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You can alway invite your family and friends! We will explain to them what is this all about haha

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Thanks for this very helpful and looking awesome website,
and to all steemians are involved! Steem On!


Great work!, run to test! =)

awesome effort ! probably can add a part on how to transfer in and out to exchanges too.

🚀 🌕

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Hey @shayessa97, check this out when you have time to learn a bit more about what you have gotten yourself into here.

P.s. welcome to steem! 😁

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Awesome work :) suggestion for the empty "Create a Steem account" page: 8 ways to create a STEEM (Steemit) Account 🔥 (April 2019)

Found a typo: Start Learning > "Beginnen sie hier", corrected: "Beginnen Sie hier" (capital S) or even better "Beginne hier" (more conversational style)

The first thing you say is that it's about "earning crypto currencies" wish you hadn't led with that.

But i'm impressed that I watched several videos and didn't hear steemit ... well done for having more evergreen and useful content.

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Nice steem waterboarding! Lol jk!

Das sind tolle Neuigkeiten. Danke 😊
Habs mir angesehen und Mir gefällts !! 😄👍🏻

Wow. A huge, admirable endeavor, indeed.

Nice post.

Namaste, JaiChai

Great work!

Congratulations @steemonboarding!
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