Making Monkees: AMAZE US and WIN!!!! June 4, 2019

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I saw a video that blew my mind! A TED talk given by architect Bjarke Ingels where he starts by explaining that the Dutch name for design is "formgivning". I will leave the link at the bottom of the page for those who would like to be inspired as well!

...which literally means to give form to that which has not yet been given form. In other words, to give form to the future. - Bjarke Ingels

He proceeded to amaze me with his creativity, innovation, determination and resourcefulness! His designs are always functional and community-minded, and looking for ways to make the spaces aesthetically pleasing and useful! I love people like this - because they MAKE things happen! And after they make it happen, they inspire you to want to be a part of it!


For this summer, we are encouraging any family that would like to join this Spunkee Monkee contest - to AMAZE US! Give form to YOUR imagination!! You have until August 15, 2019 to build something AMAZING with LEGOS. Why? Because we are HUGE LEGO fans! You are only limited by your own imagination when you build with LEGOS!

What should you build? Your only guideline is amaze us!

Must you only use LEGOS? Nope. Start with them as your foundation and then go wild and ..... AMAZE us! :)

How can you submit your entry? Well, however you like! Video, pictures, diagrams, dioramas, whatever you like... just..... yep - you got it -AMAZE US! All entries will be due by August 15, 2019 NOON PST. More details to follow on where to submit! A panel of judges will decide the winner from semi-finalists, and we will announce the winner on September 1, 2019!

It's that simple! No entry fee! No limits! Just creative family fun for the summer with LEGO!

Spread the word!

and what will the prize be? Well....apparentely - it's growing - just like my favorite story Stone Soup! We started with a prize and shared the idea - and now people are adding to the prize! If the prize ever reaches a value of $500 - then... we will spill over any additional prizes into a second prize! If that ever reaches $250 - then... spill over to a third prize! As people give to the booty - we will just keep distributing!


  • Spunkee Monkee will start the ball rolling with none other than the Pirate ship in a Bottle LEGO Kit! Of course! Plus $20 (can be gift card or steem, whatever is easiest to transfer) ($75 value)

  • Capt'n Dreemsteem LOVES writing - so she has to add the 2019 LEGO Pop Up Book! ($55 value)

  • @quirky.countess (Our favorite first mate, The Countess!) will add another $50 to that treasure!
  • My BOSS-SOME is donating a very cool old edition of Tom Sawyer (he thinks circa early 1900s) plus a $5 upgrade to our pirate's booty!
  • @bluefinstudios (Sir Studios, as we call him on the Ship!) is donating $20.19 - how's that for a special number!? PLUS some of his amazing photography on custom-made coasters!
  • The Dragonfly is donating a 2016 Year of the Monkee Silver coin in a display gift box!

  • The Griffon is donating $25 to fill those coffers!
  • @fundition has been supporting us with massive $15 upvotes, so we will use one of their upvotes to add to the treasure chest too! (update: they upvoted this post with $17.23!!! so that will be added!)
  • @creed221 (AKA The Guv'nah Grapier, as we call him on the Ship!) is donating something special (to be announced).
  • @naltedtirt (AKA The Grand Prix, as we call him on the Ship!) is donating $20.20 (in the form of Steem, Gift card, brightly colored beads or pocket lint - your choice! hehehe)
  • The Ship Cook - two brand new cookbooks for the cook in the house! Ree Drummond's (The Pioneer Woman) "Come and Get it" and 100 Jams, Jellies, Preserves and Pickles.
  • Peg Leg - Coloring pad and crayons, Hello Kitty Doodle Set, Calvin and Hobbes comic book, and Mini Kitchen cooking set

So that is a GRAND PRIZE valued so far at $350 in cash and prizes! Who knows - maybe it will keep growing! You have all summer to create something AMAAAAAZING! Get started now - and keep reading our updates for any more news! :)

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@thedamus, @dfinney - know any families in the silver community that would like to win the grand prize? feel free to share it with them! along with all those amazing prizes.... got a shiny piece of silver in there too! ;)


I will drop this in the ssg discord.
Plenty of folks with kiddos in our group. ☺️


Awesome!!! We got about 10 families interested today!!!

If any of them want to get updates - tell.them to feel DM me to get on our mailing list! 😊


By the way @dfinney....

When I wrote this...the prize was $350
It is NOW $500!!!!!



And apologies for the slow reply. I don’t use Ginabot or any of that stuff so am certain I miss half the times I get the @dfinney! 🤣


Girl you need GINA! HAHA or.partiko


Hiiiiiiii 😍🤗
I miss you ☺️

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Thank you @fundition!!!! that was a BIG upvote! :) According to GINA, it was $17.23! woo hooooo We will be adding that to the pot on your behalf!!!

Amazing prizes! I can't wait to see all the entries!!!

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Me too!!! I hope we get some creative entries!!!

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Fantastic!! I have no idea where you get all your energy from but love everything you do!!
Send it to some kids I know. I hope they will participate.


I hope so too!!! I really want to see so many innovative creations!!! Hopefully families will have fun creating this summer!!!

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Another wooooooooooow!!

This is so cool! Another family project to wow the Motheer Monkee!

Hmmmmmm.. where did I hide our legos??! Yeah I hide them cuz I kept having foot injuries.. 😭😭😭

I hope we could join this over the cloud contest!


The NOW up to $500 thanks to @nathanmars!!!

Now we will maybe have a second prize too!!

You have until August 15... Start thinking of how to amaze us!!!! 😂😂😂

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Hahahahahaha im nervous I dont have any idea yet.. hope I wont forget about tbis and that I wont get busy too.

Yesss! Please make a 2nd prize or even consolation prizes hahahahahahaha 🤣😂🤣


Just begin! You won't believe what kind of creativity is inside your head ... Until you BEGIN!

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We will give this a try! Im sure the boys will gladly wanna take this as our game time..

Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

I'll have to let @isnogud know... he's totally crazy about LEGOs and he has a lego-loving nephew, too :D

heard it first on PYPT


yes please!!!! and make sure you come back tonight for the PYPT show - i MIGHT have a fun giveaway to celebrate my new dolphinhood hehehe

ok i am going to... no might about it lol

and SHARE the lego contest post :) we want lots of fun ideas to choose from!! :)