"Ithaqa" Fundition Update #68 I Have A Poll!

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I have an online poll you guys can engage with to vote on your favorite character so far!


So far Hazel is winning, so if you got a problem with that, vote!

Here is the previous version of this page.

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Issue 3 Leaderboard:

@Fundition Contribution: $272.92 + $9.99 Direct Contribution = 282.91

Council of Five:

@kommienezuspadt - $18.88
@smjn - $7.00
@katharsisdrill - $6.13
@bryan-imhoff - $4.27
@Veryspider - $0.16 +$4.00 direct contribution = $4.16

We have currently raised $311.93 towards our goal of $2,000, which puts us at 15.60% of our goal. When we get to 25% of our goal, we will unveil our next prize!

You can read all of "Ithaqa" Issue 1 here on steemit!

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Additionally, If you're new to this comic I strongly recommend you check out our instagram, as I'm currently uploading pages every day.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ithaqacomic/

Theresa Chiechi's (The Artist @la-fumettista) website is here: http://www.theresachiechi.com/

Lucas Gattoni's (The Letterer/Logo Designer) website is here: http://bit.ly/LG_Lettering

Sign up to buy the comic on our website: https://www.ithaqacomic.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pg/IthaqaComic/about/?ref=page_internal
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If you haven't already figured it out try to look at this post: An artist guide to the Steem Engine coins - I can see you use the #creativecoin tag so there will be some CCC coins piling up on the Creative Coin site (log in with your posting key and power up with the active key, same as you do on steemit) - If you power them up (or cash them out) you will earn some extra. Right now it might not be big money, but who knows.


Thanks for the tip, are these technically speaking "smart tokens"? Or will that artist link you sent answer that question for me haha


Yes, they are built on top of the Steem blockchain and can be traded back to steem or powered up to earn something when you curate. You can see your own wallet here: https://steem-engine.com/?p=balances&a=drwatson

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