"Ithaqa" Fundition Update #69 We're In Another Bookstore!

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I just mailed 6 comics up to Buffalo Street Books in Ithaca, NY - so if you live in the area, stop by and grab a copy! Brick by brick we are bringing Ithaqa and Steemit into the physical world!

This page had a huge dialogue overhaul, by the way, see for yourself! Mainly I had decided that Hugo meeting Mookie should not be by chance, but should be pre-arranged through Mr. Wharton.

My editor pointed out a long time ago, that surely Mr. Wharton, a successful businessman and aspiring bootlegger was not really willing to bet a whole film on a con-man like Mookie - surely he had another angle.... Which caused me to realize that surely Mookie is the go-between, or the fall guy. The person who goes down if the bulls close in on their whole operation...

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Issue 3 Leaderboard:

@Fundition Contribution: $272.92 + $9.99 Direct Contribution = 282.91

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@bryan-imhoff - $4.27
@Veryspider - $0.16 +$4.00 direct contribution = $4.16

We have currently raised $311.93 towards our goal of $2,000, which puts us at 15.60% of our goal. When we get to 25% of our goal, we will unveil our next prize!

You can read all of "Ithaqa" Issue 1 here on steemit!

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I need to get these off my hands so you will be todays lucky winner!


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