"Ithaqa" Fundition Update #74 - Council Of 5 - You Are Needed!

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So in true Ithaqa fashion, we have a super meta moment where the "timelines" between our old version and our new version diverge! Much of the panel work is the same, but acting on a delay due to the new stuff we set up with Harvey breaking into the bandwagon.

Anywhoo, we have reached 15% funding, which means we can commission a new steemit premiering art print from Theresa, based in the Ithaqa universe! That means I need @kommienezuspadt @smjn @katharsisdrill @bryan-imhoff and
@Veryspider to let me know which 1-2 characters they want featured in the new print.

In the event that we don't get any votes/comments, I'll just talk to Theresa and we'll decide on our own - which could certainly be fun too, but y'all worked so hard to be on the council, you should reap the rewards! As of now, @bryan-imhoff is at risk of being bumped off the council, but I haven't made a decision yet, because @ocdb appears to be a curator and not necessarily an individual who will make comments in our posts.

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Issue 3 Leaderboard:

@Fundition Contribution: $ 293.55 + a $9.99 direct contribution

Council of Five:

@kommienezuspadt - $19.18
@ocdb - $8.13
@smjn - $7.32
@katharsisdrill - $6.48
@Veryspider - $0.17 +$4.50 direct contribution = $4.67
@bryan-imhoff - $4.61

We have currently raised $311.93 towards our goal of $2,000, which puts us at 15.60% of our goal. When we get to 25% of our goal, we will unveil our next prize!

You can read all of "Ithaqa" Issue 1 here on steemit!

If you have any friends or family who might be interested in a Lovecraftian horror comic, please send them to our website to sign up for some free pages! https://www.ithaqacomic.com/contact-us/

Additionally, If you're new to this comic I strongly recommend you check out our instagram, as I'm currently uploading pages every day.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ithaqacomic/

Theresa Chiechi's (The Artist @la-fumettista) website is here: http://www.theresachiechi.com/

Lucas Gattoni's (The Letterer/Logo Designer) website is here: http://bit.ly/LG_Lettering

Sign up to buy the comic on our website: https://www.ithaqacomic.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pg/IthaqaComic/about/?ref=page_internal
Twitter: @IthaqaComic

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An excellent choice!


That haunted hobo look...


Harvey is gonna be so much more haunted than you even know haha

Hmm. I’ll have to give it some thought! I also got around to checking out the link you sent out for issue #2 a bit late. By time I tried, the Dropbox link was just giving me an error. Any chance you could send me a fresh one?


That's weird, it shouldn't have expired - lemme see what is up! Does this one work?



Thanks! That worked fine. I went back and checked the email just now & it seems fine too. I guess I tried the first time during a temporary outage or glitch at Dropbox. Sorry for the trouble!


So far we have 1 vote for Harvey, what do you think?

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