"Ithaqa" Fundition Update #77 Dreaming Sideways


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We're only one page away from revealing our most magically gifted investigator, Rosie! I've mentioned this before, so I'm sorry for repeating myself if you've been following us for ages, but Rosie is extremely adept at dreaming sideways.

So much so that on this page she's singing a song called "Stardust" by Hoagy Carmichael - except this comic takes place in 1921 and that song wasn't written until 1929! How can this be?!

It's simple! Since Spacetime isn't actually structured in a linear flow (like a river that goes upstream to downstream) and is actually more akin to a deck of cards dropped on the floor. Yes it has an order, numbers go up, but all the cards are just on the floor at the same time in the same space, bumping up against each other. You can check out a video I made below that goes into greater detail...

When Rosie dreams sideways, she dreams about other versions of herself in parallel realities, some are in her past, present, or future. So when Rosie dreams about a song she really likes, she wakes up, writes it down, and sings it years before it actually comes out!

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