Woohoo! It's been a hearty week! One Heart Contest First Week.

4년 전

Love is all around and we know it!

It's been a week since Fundition Monthly Contest of August had been announced, we got more than 160+ entries with their lovely hearts spreading everywhere on Steem blockchain. Some are big, some are small but they are all good hearts we share with one another. We appreciate them all.

One Heart Contest!

We actually didn't name the contest in the first place but 'One Heart' would be such a perfect name for it. You know why? Because in every single photo, there's a heart! ❤ and all the hearts combine to be one big heart! Our Fundition heart!

The Colorful hearts we love

As we have already said so, we appreciate all the entries. Though, there are a few that are more creative than the others each week that we would love to feature and see more of them coming.

The colorful heart we love

We insist you check them out!

A place where hearts could be drawn and given ❤ | Fundition.io

By @waybeyondpadthai

'Mo' melted our heart with this little kid, baby Jesse. The handmade heart they made together for our contest is just adorable! She got a lot of pictures and they are all so colorful. Check it out if you'd like ;)

Give heart, get love || Spread our love with Fundition.io <3

By @hanggggbeeee

Hang put time and effort into the contest entry by cutting a letter one by one using a pen, a scissor, color papers. Spending time, adding love, putting creativeness then bamn! a heart balloon along with it, #oneheart! Check it out if you'd like!

Thank you, thank you all for participating with the Fundion.io contest. All the 160+ hearts we got so far were so amazing and..

We sure would love to see more...

As the contest will run till the end of August 2018, you still got some time! All the entries will be rewarded with partial upvotes from @Fundition so what are you waiting for?

Oh! How to participate?

Here's the full info or we could re-explain, simply here..

  • Use the tags #fundition and #oneheart

  • Resteem this post so others can see join the fun

  • A picture of you with HEART in it

  • "Fundition.io" text written on a paper, wall or whatever is handy for you

  • Write down a short description about the photo

  • Comment your post so we know that you participated

  • Only one entry per person

  • Add in your entry post the Participation rules and a link to the original contest post from Fundition

We are looking forward to seeing your #oneheart !

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Hello friends, I am pleased to present my participation, I hope it is to your liking. I wish you a happy day, full of blessings. Thanks to @funditian and @fundition for this beautiful initiative. My children and I have a lot of fun. Regards..

Hello ^_^ This is my entry: One Heart ❤ Fulfilled With LOVE.

We would love Fundition to do an "I love you" contest.

I would like to be able to participate

Hello, I just found out about the contest, I love this idea, thank you very much for doing it. Here I leave my entrance I hope you like it.


One hearts ♥️ is a pretty cool name for this type of contest @funditian great doing keep it up

Like to be a part for this contest. What a cool name, Fundition !!

  ·  4년 전

Congratulations to the winners. Very nice entry and they were both artistic. They deserve the best. See you again on the next round.

With Love we care each other and help together!

Great for the contest @fundition.


i also agree with you

  ·  4년 전

Nice one fr om you .

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Excellent! My wifey @artgigs would really love to do #oneheart ❤ with our 3 girls. They'll join the fun soon.

Hi, this is my entry in the contest, a big hug to the whole community.



Great job Mo!

Well i am in love with the fundition system..

Eagerly waiting for the next contest...

Hearts all over <3

Congrats to the winners. I will indeed join this.

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Congrats to those weekly winner contest for one heart. Thank you very much @funditian. Loves to see more hearts in this platform. God bless and more power.

I am very happy with this contest

happy to participate here

I resteemed this article. When is the deadline?

can you please tell me where i must comment my link ?
i would love to join this great contest sound very lovely and interesting ! thanks <3

May I re-enter with a new entry? My first one seems to have been overlooked. :(

Hello @funditian

This is my participation post for the Fundition contest:


hopefully run smoothly, success for you

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I surely will be participating #oneheart

very happy to participate in this contest

Congrats! ;) Such lovely Pics in there...


yes it is very beautiful work ... agree with you ... plz Follow me and give me Vote

it's exceptional , Very colorful . Well Dome .
i wish Very Talent work it is

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I'm happy to take part here

Good luck,,hopefully all smooth👍

it's great to be able to participate here

Can one can post 2/3 entry?


Hello there @minhaz416, if you read the rules you will see that its written "Only one entry per person". Thank you for your interest for our Heart Contest. Cheers!

Hello friends, this happens to be my first time of participating in this contest.


I found this on one of my friends blog, i really appreciate what you guys are doing up here, it is really lovely and i appreciate it, thanks so much for making this happen.

Hi Funditian/Fundition! Sharing my entry: One Heart ❤ 831

Thank you for the wonderful contest.

Let's send "831" ❤️ Power to one other next time!

@funditain can we only post 1 entry?

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Wow Awesome Blog Good info
One Heart Contest first Week

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I just heard about this contest, it is great to participate in this contest. And am happy to be a part of this....


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it's great to be able to participate here, special for @fundition

this is my participation, special for @fundition, good cooperation.

wow, an amazing collaboration @fundition

a great collaboration

a great collaboration, continues to be triumphant

go ahead @fundition, great collaboration

great collabaration, good luck

a great collaboration ,, success @fundition

a great collaboration, I have participated here ,,

wow ,, perfect cooperation

  ·  4년 전

This is my entry for the contest you created @fundition, I created a simple heart symbol for Fundition using Photoshop Cs4 Applications. my first step is to write "Fundition.io".


Thanks a lot

Wow excellent concept.

hello friends this is my entry to the contest I hope you like it. Blessingshttps://steemit.com/fundition/@albeiro/heart-contest-fundition-io

I posted a post but I did not understand that nothing has received any replay from you. Can I post a post for this post? Can I post only once from one account?

Hello friends this is my entry to the contest I hope you liked it


Thanks for the opportunity. Here you have my contribution.



My entry as well