Fundition proudly presents: @scholarsph's project "Empowering More Students"

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Hello there lovely ones! We know that some (majority) of people do not really feel a great love towards Mondays. We are here to change that. If Fundition is changing the world and leading you into a better future, why not change the way you respond to Mondays too? The first day of the week means we will promote to you another amazing project that will present you with the opportunity to impact someone's life. Today, that project is Empowering More Students by @scholarsph

Original photo is made and owned by @scholarsph

@scholarsph aims to uplift the Philippine community through education. They are doing it one person at a time with supporting tertiary or collegiate level, financially-struggling students by providing a monthly allowance for their schooling. Their first project on Fundition was a huge success and Myke will receive P100 stipend for the remaining months of the school year. This time, they are trying to sponsor MARK & CARLO. With your help, we are sure they will succeed.

As we said, there are two students that need your support, Mark and Carlo. We will give you some information so you get to know the boys better and see what your donations will provide for them.

Meet MARK!

image by @scholarsph

Mark has some serious problems. He is deaf and mute. What is inspiring about this man is that he is a true believer in the power of education and knows that limits are only challenges. Here is something that he said:

"I am doing the best I can to learn everything that I need to learn that can help me reach my dreams so I can have a better future."

Marks teachers speak highly of him and praise him for his hard work and commitment to his studies. He not only never misses a class but was never late for it either. He is showing leadership and kindness with always helping other deaf and mute classmates and has great respect for his teacher. An admirable trait Mark has is the lack of complaining. No matter how hard things get, Mark will accept it and work to take the best from every situation.

Mark is full of dreams
and someone really worthy of our support.

Name: Mark Len dela Torre
Nickname: Mark
Course: Hotel and Restaurant Servicing major in Food Processing
School Year: 2018-2019
Address: Davao del Norte City, Philippines
Age: 25

Mark's Estimated Expenses:

ItemEstimated Cost (USD)
Food Ingredients for Monthly Practice$65
Assessment & Certification Fees$20
School Projects Allowance$65
Student’s Personal Allowance$50


image by @scholarsph

After raising enough funds to help Mark, this project hopes it will also achieve its stretched goal of supporting Carlo too. Carlo is in his last year in college and is expected to finish his Business Management degree this May 2019. The project aims for Carlo's guaranteed monthly allowance that would help him finish his studies more easily and with less stress. We all know that concentrating when you are worrying about money is hard. Carlo will be grateful if we manage to cover his school expenses and we at Fundition are sure that Carlo will no longer have to think about those when you help him, right?

Carlo's Estimated Expenses:

ItemEstimated Cost (USD)
Additional Funds for Tuition Fee$120
Thesis Project Expenses$80

This projects already has 126 backers and there is still time for you to become one of them. To keep up with how far along they have gotten, just check out their steemit profile and read all about the news. Mark and Carlo are not the only ones that @scholarsph is helping. If you visit their profile, you can also meet John Mark or read about Carlo's Thesis Project. They are continuous and regular with their updates and news so you will have all the information you need.

There are Backer Rewards!

As a token of their gratitude, they'll include your Steemit name in their heart cloud that is always present in all of @scholarsph's blogs. For those backers who would give an accumulated upvote or donations totaling to 20USD or more, @scholarsph will grant them a daily direct upvote in their posts using Here is the last update of their heart cloud:

image by @scholarsph

To read all about this project and learn how you can support it, visit it on by simply clicking on the link: ScholarsPH: Empowering More Students and be sure to check their steemit profile @scholarsph.

People without physical disabilities often take their health for granted and fail to realize how lucky they are and have it easy. Try not talking for a day or wear earplugs to silence every sound and see how difficult it will be for you to do your daily activities. What is inspiring is that people who are deaf and mute do not give up on living their lives to the fullest. They smile and great every day as a new opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.

Smile and the world
will smile with you!

Fundition is proud to support this project because we believe that every human being is a genius. We are all capable of achieving great things in life if we follow our passion and take a responsible approach toward our education. This project is helping hard-working students to be even better at what they are and acquire knowledge that would help them lead amazing lives. Be grateful for everything you have and take for granted by helping someone else. Show your gratitude by enabling someone else to be grateful too. These people have a lot to give, a lot to show and achieve. Their dreams are big just like yours and are and just as reachable. Help them on their journey and leave a small positive mark in their lives.

Join our mission of helping the world, join:

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Quite an amazing initiative by @scholarsph. A similar project can also be replicated in my locality. We have many school dropouts at the secondary and university level, I hope @fundition will be glad to sponsor this again???


Hello Uyobong! It is definitely an amazing project! You should prepare a well presented project proposal, work on the plan, how you will do it, how you will find the dropouts students who struggle, define the goal precisely and then you can launch the project on If you need some guiding/help/advices from our Founder Support team you can directly contact us here
-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition Team.

This is a rare privilege giving to these students, this is very important and handful at this point. Several students are battling with funds at different levels of education. Maybe the scope of the scholarsPH can be widened? And perhaps have a spread tentacles across other countries (especially the third world) where students are struggling to sponsor themselves in school...


Hello Mediahousent! Exactly my thought. Education is the key and a would be great if this initiative could be widened. Hopefully this is the first step of an international move! I believe on we are looking at some very first step of global initiatives!
-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition Team.

Wow this is a good project!