All In On + Budget Proposals Ending + Bot Delegator Payouts Increasing to ~110%!

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With we now have a crowdfunding platform on Steem that is a lot of fun to use based on my first time funding projects on it tonight! In just a few minutes I logged in for the first time and sent about $200 USD in donations to projects listed on!/@jerrybanfield.

I loved the entire process from reviewing the proposals, discovering the creators on Steem, and sending the SBD to provide funding! I am very excited to do it again and I think you might enjoy it is much as I do. Note that with my voting bot technically I fund proposals from my account via sending transfers from the @jerrybanfieldroi account which gets my payouts and author rewards to then fund projects via @jerrybanfield.

fundition jerrybanfield jerrybanfieldroi transfers.png

Charity = Happiness?

I read in Happy Money from that volunteering and spending money on charitable giving, especially when we directly connect with the person we are giving it to, gives us more happiness than a huge pay raise. I experience this for myself every day and am grateful for a system now that helps make it much easier for me to do here on Steem! I experienced more happiness out of giving to these projects on @fundition tonight than I got out of seeing the Steem price go from $2 to over $4 a couple weeks ago.

Will you join us in funding projects here instead of using the budget proposal system because if you feel half as good as I do using @fundition you will love this?

But Jerry Where Do We Get Money For This?

Make a delegation to jerrybanfield at to delegate to my voting bot and start earning 110% of the bids on the delegation indefinitely with daily payouts!

For the ideal combination of self interest and feeling good, use a percentage of the earnings every day or week to fund projects on

While many of us assume that users delegating to voting bots are purely cashing out or powering up all of the earnings and destroying real curation on Steem, the truth is we have a choice on how we use the payouts we get each day and have the opportunity to do a lot of good funding projects with payouts from a voting bot delegation! With @fundition each of us now can easily post projects, upvote, and donate all in one centralized location where we can see who else is contributing and get to know the project creator.

What About Budget Proposals?

Since December 2017, we have collaborated to fund $50,000+ in projects intended to grow Steem ranging uvote bids on hundreds of individual posts with great ideas to advertising campaigns reaching millions of people on Google and Facebook.

We produced the funding by using my account as a voting bot which gave half of the bids to @budgets while returning the other half to delegators. I maintained the responsibility for reviewing the proposals and sending payments via @budgets to fund the projects.

Best Way to Fund Steem Growth Projects?

While six months ago we had no easy method to help project creators receive funding, we now have which gives any of us a place to raise funding for any project on the Steem blockchain with no fees. In the first 27 days, 1089 of us have already funded projects on with 40 founders receiving support since launch. With the existence of @fundition and at least 9 other effective methods to fund growth projects combined with so many voting bots offering to give delegators back 95%+ of bids as seen on, it seems time to make a change to the budget proposal system. The question is what will be best for all of us on Steem?

End Budget Proposals, Enter!

Today we are retiring the budget proposal system to make space to fully support the funding of projects on because @fundition will help us better collaborate in funding projects designed to grow Steem and support creators! Instead of my bot taking 50% and giving it to @budgets where I become the middleman sending out funds to projects, each delegator is trusted and empowered to support founders directly. My hope is that this will encourage more active relationships between backers and founders along with enabling the funding of more diverse projects than I am able to do by reviewing each budget proposal.

110%+ of Bids Voting Bot Payouts!

To provide the most funding to each delegator, the voting bot on my account starting today will no longer make payments to @budgets and instead return 95% of the bids sent to @jerrybanfield back to delegators and me in daily payments by the amount of Steem power given to the bot. The other 5% of the bids will be sent to the bot operator @steembottracker as payment for operating the bot.

To boost the effective payout to 110% or greater, I am starting to power down all the curation rewards my account earns each week. The once each week a powered down curation reward payment worth 15% to 25% of all bids will also be split among all Steem power contributions to the bot. According to in the last 7 days I earned 299 Steem power from curation and therefore will power down 5200 Steem power for payouts of 400 Steem a week to be prepared for an increase in delegations and curation rewards as needed. Each week I will then verify I am powering down the right amount and adjust based on delegations.

To increase the frequency of payments and allow me to err on the side of powering down more instead of less curation rewards, the power downs each week will go to @jerrybanfieldroi which will then make an average of two to three payments back to @jerrybanfield a week which then will be included in daily payouts based on Steem power contributed to the bot. For example, I may send two payments of 200 Steem or 4 payments of 100 Steem from the 400 throughout the week to make the payouts more even instead of a huge boost once a week.

Best Voting Bot Payout?

Delegators can expect each week total return of 110% to 120% of bids in automatic daily payments with some payments each week including the Steem from curation the previous week. At 110% to 120% in bid return percentage, a delegation to my bot will now pay equal to operating ones own voting bot and pay more than a delegation any other voting bot or use of a vote selling system.

To summarize, I intend for delegating to my bot to be the #1 option to get an automatic payout every day for the purpose of empowering generous giving back to help fund growth projects and creators on Steem.

Links to Fundition!

To help increase participation with @fundition, the payouts from my bot every day will start asking every single delegator to please give a percentage of earnings to fund projects This new system is built on trusting delegators each with the full payout instead of taking half of it automatically and helping provide a destination for charitable giving which will then feel good to use. As more founders launch on @fundition and I get my own payouts to @jerrybanfieldroi for my contribution to the bot, I intend to become one of the top backers of projects on @fundition and will make any requests to fund my own projects there also.

Delegate Today?

If you would like to delegate and receive the very highest payout from your delegation with an estimated return of 110% of bids by including curation reward power downs once a week, will you please use the tool by witness @justyy at to make a delegation to me today because this will give you the chance to earn the most back from your Steem power and empower you to become a backer of projects with @fundition?

I have a video tutorial showing how to do this at along with the steps below.

Delegation Tutorial!

  1. Go to and start entering your name as the Delegator ID.
  2. Enter jerrybanfield in the Delegatee ID field.
  3. Type in the TOTAL amount of Steem power you want to delegate. For example, if you have delegated 100 Steem power and want to increase to 1,000 enter 1000. There currently is no minimum to delegate although you may not get a payout if the delegation results in a daily payout of less than 0.001 Steem and/or SBD.
  4. Click on Delegate via
  5. Verify the link is on with your name on the left and me on the right.
  6. Enter your account name and your Steem account private active key to sign the transaction.
  7. Verify the transaction was successful after hitting submit.

Thank You for Reading!

I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you in helping fund projects and creators on Steem today! I hope this system empowers us to give the most and feel the best about what we do here each day because that eliminates the need to obsess over what the price is each day and to have absolute faith in what we do here!

Jerry Banfield


Jerry Banfield

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Let's stay together?

Our Most Important Votes on Steem are for Witness!

  • If you do not know what a witness is on Steem, will you please read because our votes for witnesses determine our future together here on Steem?
  • If you have never made a witness vote before, will you please set me as a proxy at or because you will feel good about helping select witnesses while I do all the work to maintain the votes for you?
  • If you already have voted for witnesses and prefer to update your own witness votes, will you please place your vote using at or because most of us feel a sense of belonging here when we begin choosing our witnesses?
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Thanks so much @jerrybanfield. Yensesa is one of the steem projects that have benefited from the @budgets account. I know for sure projects on @fundition will get massive support from you. Thanks for putting this all together.

Wow! Impressive! Makes me want to delegate but I barely have any steem power. lol

I love you jerrybanfield and your blog. You are the man who gives us kindly news about steemit .. i hope i will success if i will follow you and your blog

Goodbye Kickstarter!!

Thank you for undertaking such a disruptive initiative. You've literally opened a floodgate of brand new potentials and things possible with Steem. In fact, maybe i'll even try it out once i feel ready to launch a Fundition crowdsource.

This is exciting stuff!

Is down? I've attempted connection via http/https. The @steemflagrewards project could really use some help. It's a not for profit community abuse fighting initiative. (meaning everything that SFRs earns stays in SFRs to increase the scope and capabilities) I put in a lot of time and I along with my abuse fighting brethren are very passionate about cleaning up this platform. Just check out the comment activity on the account for proof of our work.

Consider it like a weedeater. It's a tool that can cut down a lot of weeds. It just needs a little bit of gas. By addressing abuse using a crowdfunded methodology and Discord system, we can really accelerate cleanup and confer more credibility to Steem as a platform by improving content discovery.

This is mutually beneficial for all involved. Anyways, here is the screencap of the site. I would like to initiate the process for getting the project added.


With great ideas comes great power where great responsibility comes too!

@fundition proves that people as a group has a strengh to allows people to make their dreams come true!

· is working for me although it was down a few times. Is it working now?

i like you


You like him but me also like and love also follow. He is juniors


There's a problem with your bid bot. We lost about 9 SBD. This is not our money, but that of our users.

Please check what went wrong.

· I understand how you feel because I have lost thousands of dollars using voting bots ranging from the bot being overbid to having my vote manually removed for not complying with the terms and conditions (without a refund) to having my post downvoted hundreds of SBD after making it on the top of the trending page for no other reason than I used a lot of voting bots. I see my choice is to use the voting bots and if I do not want to lose money, I better not use them because there are no guarantees on any bot. The Steem price can also drop causing more losses or go up which can cause more gains. What I have learned in six and a half years of business online is that my tolerance for failure and loss is directly proportional to how much I can accomplish. When I did ad campaigns that failed with Google, they gave me none of my money back. We only send refunds on the bot when the bot fails to make a vote. After the bot votes, the transaction is final because if it was not, everyone could theoretically ask for a refund for one reason or another.



Thanks for the answer.

In one year on Steemit we have only had good experiences, because we work professionally or we just got lucky.

In your case, we blindly trusted in your good reputation.

Why don't we save time and energy and you vote something more with your 2nd accout? I think that would be fair and the #resteembot community happy again.

Thank you very much.

Hi! You're right in saying that "@fundition will help us better collaborate in funding projects."

We, from Fundition PH #TeamPhilippines, understand that Project Founders attaining complete funding will be great examples in the community and that would invite more people to participate in anyway they can with any amount.

We are hoping that through Fundition, our 'Love D'Unlovable' Campaign (once completed) will be that spark that would give light [hope] to other Filipinos needing support and funding. And, in turn, as Project Founders, we'll make the Steemit community grow and help change lives for the better.

So thanks, @jerrybanfield, for promoting collaboration and charitable giving that would make both Steem and Heart as valuable tools also in uplifting the lives of Steemians and Funditians worldwide.

More power to @fundition! I hope you'll becime more successful.

@jerrybanfield Thank so much for your support to my project in @fundition.

Hi Jerry, thanks so much for the videos, they have inspired me so much, and you are an inspiration to me also. I have subscribed to you on Youtube and am following you on here, I am taking you up on the offer by asking if you could follow me also, I am new to the platform and would appreciate any help in getting off the ground.
Thank you

Could u give an analysis of delegating to your bot vs self voting. That would give the idea about how much a delegator is receiving back from your bot vs maximum potential rewards.


Interesting question prameshji? can we have auto voting bot for ourself.


I will be happy to do this later today, Im curious if my own bot pays more then selfvoting. But no ads here, this is Jerrys post :)

@jerrybanfield You are steemit hero ❤️
Plz upvote me plzz

Great info as usual Jerry. I finally made it onto steemit. i have to thank you directly for my intrest in steem, steemit and other crypto currencies. ive made a shift in my life style since learning about blockchain, crypto and decentralization. i will be adding my earning to steem power and i will be investing what i can into steem power as well. If you find time to read my intro post and vote accordingly it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks jerry! looking forward to more posts from you.

Is there an issue with this? I've just tried to delegate and get to the stage where both avatars are shown but when I enter password (I tried all types listed) it says 'Password or key is not valid'!!

Ignore this. I was being stupid!

I have just started on Steemit, but I would really like to take part in a project like this, just gathering some Steem power first!

i like people like you @jerrybanfield who always participate in everything to progress us all. I follow you for a long time. and I always feel at home in your blog. because you are the only one witnesses my choice. hopefully more advanced @jerrybanfield.

i like it, amigo


Yeah. Every people like this. Me also .. Enjoy your self friends

This is huge rich info for expert, not for me now, the plankton. Very good posting


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Please stop making comments like this and read the ways to avoid @pleasestop and earn the support of the community.

This is my project if you like it vote for it

BTW the one video you did sitting in the shopping cart was so cool I loved that background

I have very little steam power so far I keep trying to make posts i guess they are pretty boring. I subscribe to your YouTube I've learned a lot thank you

I really love this new project but in case one wants to withdraw his delegation, how will he go about it?

i will delegate to see there i have 4000 steem power is a minimum required ? i will start with 1000

Jerry this is good! I love it.. Being in the field and doing volunteering has giving me a whole lot of experience which has also made me meet wonderful people. When it comes to helping others meet their need oh mine! You just spoke the best love language..

Thanks for sharing.

Very nice!!!!

Sir oh, i did mine last week, for projects of my broken laptop, but the money is yet to be completed.. #helpsir

I love what you do @jerrybanfield. I see how you have chosen to help others rise to the top. I am delegating

Thank you for backing my project on Fundition and adding additional 30$ for the #iTalent Round 4, and also as an ambasador for I thank you for acknowledging this amazing platform with this post, you the man @jerrybanfield

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Yeah it's incredible to see a fully polished way to fund projects now on steemit.

I adore fundition! There's also hyperfundit and solicitpower on the blockchain. Things are looking amazing. I haven't finished drafting my crowdfunding proposals for these platforms but I believe it will be worthwhile to try them. Sad I missed you over there. I've been considering how to get a dolphin to present my project to budgets. So I will have to rework it. But it's good to know you're opening up to fundition instead, giving people like me (under rep 58) a shot at funding. Thanks for participating.