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The room is not visible to many people, but that does not mean the comfort of the room does not need to be considered. In fact, because the room is your privacy, where you can express yourself in it, that's why you have to create as comfortable as possible room wall hangings. To create a room that makes you feel at home, of course by creating a clean and tidy room.


More than that, the room is also a place where you can lay your tiredness. With quality sleep, of course you can welcome tomorrow with more spirit. That is why, the rooms must be created with a mature concept that you feel at home for long in your room decorating the walls of the room.


In addition, create an attractive and unique room, filling every empty space on the wall or terrace of your room. The more beautiful the decor of your room, of course you will also feel at home in your room, and comfortable doing various activities, either rest or study.

Here is my entry for @fundition contests theme one heart hosted by @funditian.

Participation rules:

  • Use two tags on the Steemit post consisting "fundition" and "oneheart"
  • Resteem this post so the others can see
  • Write down a short description about the photo in the post
  • Comment your post to know that you participated
  • Only one entry per person
  • The image has to contain the "" text written on a paper, wall or whatever is handy for you and depends on your creativity you have a chance to get a bigger upvote. (Keep in mind we don't approve/support illegalities like writing with graffiti on public buildings or other things like that. Stay Creative and Clean)
  • Add in your entry post the Participation rules and a link to the original contest post from Fundition.

Here is the link of this contest:

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