PhotoAnthill Featured Initiatives - #1

2년 전

Original photo by @manoldonchev

It has almost been a week since this account was created to serve a purpose. A week is not a lot of time but also not a joke. And a lot of things happened and continued happening.

Not talking about markets, though. Talking about communities. About new relations that may be old for some people but some have not yet heard of those. And new users could always benefit from learning about great initiatives.

So here I am (@manoldonchev working on the @photoanthill account) sharing some of what I have already experienced and mentioning entities I would like you to know about:

  1. The initiative by @fundition - a crowdfunding platform on the Steem blockchain. People behind it created this account for me and already support @photoanthill's project. As they do support and host many others! If you want to build something of value for a community, try finding help and attention there;

  2. The new @crowdmind community, empowering crowds and collective effort. You should check them yourselves;

  3. The Photography related accounts/persons @monochromes and @worldcapture who conduct regular photo contests, respectively Monomad and Peoplephotography (sorry, no tags left) at a high level and invest a lot of effort to build those circles. And something new might be coming there soon. Just generating hype... ;

  4. The #freewrite community - the moral support and the external discipline factor new writers might need;

  5. Last for this week but very important is the @archisteem project '1001 Places to Remember' by @kimzwarch

I will directly post an update of my own efforts from last week to help the editing team I (@manoldonchev) am a part of.

It was about inviting guest editors to help us on our progress with all benefits editors have minus the need to commit to editing more than one story. Unless somebody liked it and decided to join the team. Which is open.

The guidelines remain the same as those from the link below, the story selection remains the same, only rewards will be more and better distributed on my part. Last week I suggested 1 sbi share to each of the editors of 2 of those 5 stories. Now, in addition to what is usually provided, I promise 5 shares altogether, one for each editor, whose entry is valid. If you are unfamiliar with those shares, check them out at the account of @steembasicincome. (I guess that raised the feature to 7 instead of 5, since @monochromes and @worldcapture are completely separate accounts with their own initiatives).

Check out the complete rules for joining the editing process of '1001 Places to Remember' as a guest editor here:

Thank you for being part of the community!


Manol Donchev from PhotoAnthill

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