Cebu 600 Challenge 2019 - Passion of Riding (Fund Raising) Part 4 - With Updates of the Current Amount Received

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“Cebu 600 Challenge” is an endurance riding event for motorcycle owners & enthusiasts. It is not a RACE but a Challenge. It’s a test of RIDING SKILL, ENDURANCE, PHYSICAL & MENTAL FOCUS of a rider and his/her equipment.

The common goal of this event is to ride & finish the entire route as SAFELY AS POSSIBLE. SAFETY is really the "TOP PRIORITY" of this event!

To join the event, we need to have a registration fee and sort of needed materials.

Registration fee: P2,000.00 (around $40.00)
Possible Gasoline to be consumed: P1,500.00 (around $30.00)
Auxiliary Lights: P900.00 (around $18.00)
Top Box (for the materials): P5,000.00 (around $100.00)

Total: P9,400.00 (around 200 sbd or 480 steem)


  • Event Riding Vest
  • Event Shirt
  • Checkpoint ID's
  • Rider Stickers
  • Finisher's Jersey
  • Food & Drinks
  • Raffle Coupon
  • 1 Free MOTUL OIL
  • Discount Coupons for Sponsors
  • And a lot more freebies and PRIZES!!!

The event will be held on October 18-20, 2019.

In connection to this, I would like to ask for support for this event so maybe I could pay all the expenses needed and I can prepare and join the event. Am I excited?

Yes, I am super excited to experience this kind of riding. In fact, this will be my first time joining a very long ride since I missed the Cebu 300 Challenge. Hopefully, I could gather this amount before the event starts.

Any resteem, upvote, donation and etc. will do. :)


Current Donation Received:
5 steem - @jassennessaj
10 steem - @chuuuckie
5 steem - @sonrhey

Current Post Rewards:
3.303 SBD
8.103 SP (Currently Powering it down to claim)

Current Total Collected:
28.103 steem and 3.303 SBD (as of June 17, 2019)

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Akong votr 6 pesos ra 😂

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Dako na kay nag ikatabang chuuck 😂 lamats haha

That's great! Hope you could come up with that amount in the near future! Goodluck!

Goodluck buddy! Enjoy the ride!