PLEASE HOLD OFF... (100% SBD Fundraiser Post, SAVE A ~~VETERAN'S~~ EYESIGHT! 👀)

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Seems he is not a veteran, and he is returning all donations. I am personally at a loss for what to do with this post, it was voted on as a fundraiser, so it will be donated SOMEWHERE. I am leaving the post "As-Is" and unedited, I did kind of put my foot in my mouth it turns out. I am simply adding this info at the start.
Currently leaning towards donating these funds (100% of SBD) to the veteran's group here on Steemit. Like the @shadow-scalpel-HumVee group
Your input is WELCOME, please speak out!


These are 2 things that are very near and dear to me, Eyes and Veterans...

I am totally from a Family of VETS, and while I myself never joined, my Dad did tell me he served, hoping that I would never have to. I still wish I had taken the plunge, but at least my Son joined the USMC. So we have vets from Army, Navy and Marines! Which brings up my second thing, EYES. I personally have some vision loss from glaucoma, and believe me, it is IMPORTANT. Enough About me, (too much in fact) 😋 But, as you can see, I totally relate to Bobby's Dilemma.

So we have this NEW(er) Steemian, he is a Vet, and he needs a surgery basically ASAP, in order to save the vision in his best eye. That is how they do it, preserve the best eye first, in my experience. Then they need to do a corneal transplant into his worse eye soon after. The problem is that he has to deal with the VA or other bureaucrats, and they think the first vision saving surgery is "experimental". I read that he needs $2,500 U$D to get this covered. So here's my fund raising effort, I don't have much liquid SBD or Steem but I have the ability to EARN! 100% of SBD earned is going to this gentleman, for his surgery.
Here is the medical info about the how and why.

His right eye needs a new cornea, and his left eye needs a procedure called “crosslinking.” The eye surgeon is very adamant that Bobby get the “crosslinking” procedure done very soon to slow down the deterioration of his left eye, eventually he will need a transplant in that eye too.
The “crosslinking” must be done before Bobby can get the cornea transplant. Until he has this procedure, neither glasses nor contacts will help him in any way. With this procedure, he will be able to wear a special contact in his left eye that will allow him to see well enough to drive again.
Unfortunately, the eye surgeon won’t perform the cornea transplant until the “crosslinking” is done and healed. So, until we can raise enough money for this procedure, Bobby will continue to slowly lose his vision

BTW, his name is...


I'm a Bobby G. at work, Rob here and "Hey You" everywhere else! 😎 Plus I know what it is to need my eyes fixed. I also know and work with a cornea transplant patient, he does pretty good, had his Both done close to 30 years ago, and I am sure the procedure has progressed greatly in that time! In fact, I had 2 retinal detachments 4 years apart, and the second one was 100 times better, I was off 8 weeks with the first and just a weekend with the second!

Blessings to you, @solarparadise, I know this is a helluva way to meet, but I'm glad to get to know you. I will Re-Post and re-steem with my 2 bot accounts as well, and funnel all proceeds to your cause!


If YOU wish to do a fundraiser for Bobby's Eye Surgery, you can write up a post, contact @guiltyparties

If all you can do is vote up the posts, here is another fine Vet doing a fundraiser for Bobby here:

If you only have Plastic and wish to donate, there is a gofundme page set up. These are less effective, as the gofundme website takes a cut of the donations. Link:

Here's "The Man" himself, plus another thing that makes me like him even more, a DTOM Flag!

God Bless you and all your family, especially your wife who is there at your side. She is reading these to Bobby, as he cannot read nor post at this time... Our thoughts and prayers go out to you!

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OK Guys... got this post in my feed:
Bobby Paradise is asking us to Hold Off on the fundraising, all that I have raised here is from votes, so I am still going to forward it to this kind gentleman. Might re-start this later, if needed. I appreciate his candor in all this! Of course, there are ALWAYS other expenses and costs involved with any surgery, and he is setting up for two. Just keeping that in mind.

@underground. Tell me how to join it power to SBD, I hope so agree


Not sure I understand your question???
Sounds like you mean to do 50/50 rewards?


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